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World News This Week in Prayer

Dear God,

You know that we sometimes long to hide.  We long to hide from the things which make our world and communities profoundly suffer.  We long to hide from the people who hurt us and those we care about.  We wish we could hide from the mounting demands from our jobs, school, and the internal work we all must do.  We long to hide from you sometimes God – out of shame, out of our business, out of being consumed with ourselves and maybe out of no real reason at all.  We long to ignore the things happening in our cities, provinces, nations and world, things which are so difficult and complex.

We long to hide and yet we know we can’t.  We know very well or maybe we know deep in our hearts that we simply cannot hide, because there are people acutely hurting, there are relationships to be nurtured, things which you are calling us to do–that we are meant to do.  We know this Lord and sometimes we are helpless because we too are hurting.

We ask you Lord for strength as we long to hide.  We ask that you give us the courage to make a difference and to care for ourselves and one another.  We ask for your healing, Lord.  We ask for your rectifying work in the USA where people are choosing to hurt and kill Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  We ask for your presence among the Uyghur Muslims in China who are experiencing serious human rights abuses because of who they are and what they believe.

Help us not to stand by silently taking no action Lord as we see your people being hurt physically and emotionally all around the world because of who they are.  We pray that this hate be stopped – that healing happens and that only love might blanket your dear children who are being mercilessly hurt because of the racism so entrenched in our world.

We lift in prayer the families of the shooting victims in Georgia, USA and Colorado, USA who were so violently murdered.  We ask for your love to cover them as they grieve these losses which never should have happened.  Lord, we pray for the protection and comfort of all your children around the world who are experiencing violence of many kinds and in need of your presence.  We pray for those in Myanmar, where hundreds of Burmese citizens, including police officers, government officials and civilians, are fleeing as violence over last month’s military coup worsens. We pray that you may go with your people. We ask for your love to cover all the places in your world where it seems that protection is so far away.

We pray for our siblings in Brazil where hospitals are near collapse and there are reports of spiking Covid-19 case numbers. We ask for your presence in India where they also are seeing a significant increase in infections as they mark the biggest case rise since November.  We pray for the peoples of Somalia as Covid-19 surge and deaths are reported

We pray for our siblings in Australia as the Australian government has declared a natural disaster as heavy rains batter the state and force thousands to evacuate.  We pray that the rain may cease and your children might be protected from the elements.

Lord, as we lift in prayer our siblings around the world, we ask that you be with all communities.

As many celebrate Holy Week journeying through these final earthly days in the life of Christ, before he would die and rise again.

As we long to be physically together again.

As we struggle with violence in our world.

As we struggle with devastating racism and bigotry quite literally killing our siblings.

As we each make a difference in our communities and world.

As we do these things, Lord we ask that you walk with us and that we will never hide from you.

Guide us Lord. Give us courage to do your will today and always.


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