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Special Counsel on Russia an All-or-Nothing Deal for GOP

Chris Cillizza, CNN

Why Republicans Should Rejoice Over Mueller's Return

Erick Erickson, FOX News

The Media Has Lost Its Marbles

Adriana Cohen, Boston Herald

Impeachment Proceedings Need to Start Now

Laurence Tribe, Boston Globe

Impeachment Talk Is Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome

Nick Gillespie, Reason

President Trump's Aggression Will Be His Undoing

Bob Ferguson, Time

The Elites Are the Problem, Not Trump

Robert Merry, The American Conservative

Comey and the Revenge of the Professional Class

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New Yorker

Former Bush AG: Comey's Loyalty Was More to Schumer

Sean Davis, The Federalist

Thank God for the Leakers

Damon Linker, The Week

Leakers From the Deep State Need to Face Criminal Charges

Jay Sekulow, Fox News

Trump Makes Us Nostalgic for Nixon

Walter Shapiro, The Guardian

Special Counsel for Trump - but Not for Obama Scandals?

Joel Pollak, Breitbart

What Iran's High-Stakes Election Means for the World

Amir Handjani, Reuters

Searching for Beijing in the Old Borscht Belt

Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld

Jimmy Fallon Was on Top of the World. Then Came Trump

Dave Itzkoff, NY Times

The Special Counsel Mistake

Wall Street Journal

The Special Counsel America Needs

New York Times

Public Needs to See All of Jim Comey's Memos

New York Post

Mueller the Right Choice, Now Congress Must Follow Suit

Boston Globe

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