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WITH THE CURRENT big cluster of National Yagyas running from 17 to 27 June (for $28,750 altogether), we continue to nourish world consciousness from the level of the Absolute.

Big thank you to the donors of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA. Warmest appreciation for this great support!

The next chance to keep up this momentum with strong support is the highly auspicious Yagya cycle running from 3 to 13 July 2022 that covers one of the most precious annual events associated with honouring the incredible gifts from the teacher – Maharishi and Guru Dev. 

National Yagyas for maximum coherence
to help protect national life on all levels

Bringing peace, safety, healing, coherence and invincibility
for all the people of the Russia and Ukraine Region and the world


A TOUCHING STORY OF WAR AND PEACE – Natasha's amazing and transformational experience continues! On the last day of her recent National Yagya Natasha sent us the following testimonial:

'Several times a day... there comes a sense of greater order and clarity of thought. After that, I began to feel strength and invincibility of consciousness. For a long time, I had the feeling that the Divine Mother was looking through my eyes, and the form of my body was filled with the consciousness of the Divine Mother of Nature. I was also aware of myself inside my body and felt its boundary but stayed outside of it... I felt the strength and confidence that everything happens with the maximum support of Nature.           

'My husband Sasha was transferred from the front line of the battlefield field to the rear and then sent home for a couple of days. Finally, he had some good nights of sleep after all these months and could be well-rested. Now he is back to the rear again. He is feeling confident and focused on fulfilling his dharma. He is very grateful for the Yagya.

'My 10-year-old daughter Polina is experiencing deep meditations and often falls asleep for two hours afterward. She is now feeling calm and peaceful.'

To read more about Natasha's story click on the image below. If you want your donation to go towards a Yagya in her family's name, please use the campaign code Natasha-108, or support the usual RU-UA-108!

The WPA in Romania is continuing!

HOWEVER Romania urgently needs a least 20 more participants to keep it going, and to guarantee a location. Please can everyone promote this vitally important WPA as much as possible! 

During the last Open Yagya Day of 4 June, Markus Gerber and Cornelia Jung talked about the ongoing World Peace Assembly in Romania. The group will be at the current hotel until the end of June, which means all Governors and Sidhas are still invited to join for a few more days. To watch the recording of the presentation, please click on the image below.
Zoom call – Global Online Summer/Winter Festival
Hosted by the 3-in-1 World Peace Assembly
18 June 2022 
The 3-in-1 World Peace Assembly – our peace-creating groups in Russia, Ukraine and Romania, welcomed all countries around the globe to connect together. A joy to see how diligently they have been applying Maharishi’s precious technologies of Yoga and Yagya, and to hear their beautiful experiences and heartfelt expressions. 

Raja Harris was one of the key guest speakers and the ARO team provided the zoom tech support. A number of our precious Ambassadors played key roles, for example, co-host Claire from Australia, Kasia from Poland, and Chih-chieh from Taiwan/China. Click on the image to enjoy the event. The clip is available in nine languages
TO HELP SUPPORT PEACE IN THIS REGION. If this delicate situation in these regions touches you, and you would like do something to help make a difference – peace, safety, healing, coherence – please click on the donate button below. Any support will be treasured and beneficial in all directions! We always get more than we give.
And in comments enter code RU-UA-108


Please note that we do not take sides or carry any political prejudices. As advised by Maharishi we always want the best outcome for least suffering and an increase of coherence to avert unnecessary friction, fear, and loss on all sides. Maharishi Yagya helps to bridge what is unfathomable for human comprehension.

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