It’s March!

March always seems to come so quickly, but it can feel like a long month. The weather teases Spring and then hits us with a cold blast to remind us it is still Winter. Daylight Savings Time further complicates matters because we lose an hour, which can take days to recover from.

As a small non-profit animal rescue, we begin each month with a fresh page outlining where we are in terms of helping animals in need, where we want to be, and the steps needed to get us there. We are 100% donor funded, meaning we do not receive any government subsidies or endowments to cover our expenses. We value each and every person who donates - money, supplies, time – all greatly needed and much appreciated. We do not take any of these for granted and we strive to apply these things to provide the greatest impact.

We face supplies shortages – food and litter donations for our animals waiting to find their forever homes. We tackle personnel constraints – finding enough people to man our partner pet stores, foster our animals, process applications, complete rescue related paperwork. We deal with rising costs for medical care and supplies and how to maximize our reach with a limited budget.

Just this month we lost the Amazon Smile program and are faced with a need to find a new email marketing program as our current one has become prohibitive, and those funds are better served elsewhere. We enjoy preparing and providing this monthly newsletter and are determined to find a solution. Because moving forward is always our plan.

March may bring inconsistent weather and the dreaded jump ahead of Daylight Savings Time, but we know that Spring is coming, flowers will soon begin blooming, and . . . kitten season will be upon us soon!

So, let’s celebrate March and do what we can to keep moving ahead!

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