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Don't Let Others Sign up for E-wallet and/or Mobile Banking for You

In recent years, mobile shopping and electronic payments have become more and more popular. In order to facilitate the collection of payments from clients, fellow sisters may sign up for multiple electronic wallets and mobile banking applications. Sometimes fellow sisters may ask their clients for assistance when installing and signing up for the applications, especially when they have not installed the ones as proposed by the clients.
Recently, we heard from a few fellow sisters that their clients took the initiative to help them install the apps, but after that secretly transferred large amount or even all of the money in fellow sisters’ accounts to their own accounts. In one case, the amount involved was as high as HK$1 million.
It is for sure that the fellow sisters have the rights to report to the police and there is a chance that the bad guys will be brought to justice. However, since usually there are only the fellow sister and the client when the crime happens, it can be difficult to prove whether it is with the fellow sister's consent that the money is transferred to the other party. If the other party distributes the money to a few different accounts, it will make the fraud even more difficult to detect.
It is indeed shameful that the clients make use of fellow sisters' trust in them. AFRO would like to once again remind fellow sisters not to lay hands on others in finance matters. The process of applying for e-wallet and mobile banking applications generally involves a lot of personal information, including ID number, phone number, bank account number and password, etc. Even if it is a regular client or friend, you still should not disclose this information casually. With this information, the other party can easily conduct online fraud. If you don't have the e-wallet proposed by the client, you can accompany him to the nearby ATM to withdraw money, or just refuse the transaction, so as to avoid the possible loss.
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