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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Office of Online Education and Innovation’s first newsletter. We hope that everyone’s online and hybrid courses are going well this semester! 

With this newsletter we will share resources on Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, and on the upcoming initiatives for online education from our office. 

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The Role of Quality Matters at Moravian College

We would like to take this opportunity to  explain our vision of the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric and its role at Moravian College. 

First, we would like to assure everyone that our expectation is not to mandate compliance with the QM Rubric for all online courses. Instead, our hope is that the rubric can serve as a point of departure for further inquiry, discussion, and dialogue on how to design online courses that are most effective for students. While there are many excellent general principles and practices that are part of the standards of the QM Rubric, some may or may not fit with the specific content of your online course or with your pedagogical style. 

We are aware that there are a variety of different courses that require specific designs to best serve students and there are different and equally effective practices for designing online courses. Most importantly, we strongly value instructors’ initiative to try out new ideas, experiment with new practices, and intentionally become involved in the formulation of their online design. 

Designing an online course is a creative, ongoing, and continuous process that should not be limited to or constrained by templates and mandated principles. On the other hand, the QM Rubric offers general online design standards that are highly respected among universities and colleges in the US and abroad, providing some level of consistency and objectivity to the quality of online courses. Moreover, most of the QM Rubric standards are broad enough that they permit flexibility and a wide range of possibilities in their implementation. Finally, improved accessibility and ease of navigation are essential goals we should all be working toward. For these reasons, the rubric serves as a good place to begin our conversation, and on which to begin to build one’s own unique online course. 

We envision that the QM Rubric at Moravian will serve a different number of purposes depending on the course, discipline, program, instructor, and level of instruction. Some will use the rubric as a  general guide to designing a course (adopting the standards that fit well with your course and ignoring those that seem unnecessary) and some will be fully committed to make sure their course complies with all of the standards to achieve official QM certification of the course. We are happy to serve all of you in any and all of these capacities.

We hope these resources are helpful for your courses and maybe spark some curiosity for what’s to come!

-OEI and Instructional Technology team
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