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Dear colleague, dear friend,

It has been a flying, non-stop first few months of 2022 here at Millicom|Tigo, but also an exciting time. We have had big news recently with our first quarterly earnings of the year released today, our exit from Africa formalized, and much more. But today I want to highlight something that is very close to my heart.
Today is the United Nations International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Girls in ICT Day. This is always a special occasion for us at Millicom|Tigo – not only as members of the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, but also because it represents a key part of our purpose. We continue to work together with our partners and teams throughout Latin America to develop solutions and ideas for lowering barriers to access and improving safety online for girls and young women. So, what better time than now to announce the evolution of our Conectadas program?
Education stands at the core of our commitment to our communities and their digital empowerment, and with the new online Conectadas platform, we are taking yet another significant step towards this important mission and offer the benefits of connectivity to more women and girls.

Since the launch of Conectadas in 2017, more than 560,000 women and girls have been trained on how to safely access information, opportunities, and gain new digital skills on the internet, which can help them improve their lives and those of their families and communities.
Over these past five years, the training has been conducted through in-person workshops in the countries where we operate. Now, we are launching an online platform that will allow the educational benefits of the program to reach many more women and girls throughout the region who are not able to attend our workshops in person.
The platform will include four free modules, developed with the Grameen Foundation, which will educate women and girls on topics such as basic internet usage, personal finances management, and the effective use of digital tools and social media for business. Our objective is for the platform to reach thousands of additional women in 2022 and beyond.
I invite you to check out the links below for more information on the new platform and a message from our friend and ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau Director, Doreen Bogdan-Martin. We are very grateful to Doreen and the ITU for their firm support in this and other important initiatives around the region, as we strive to improve lives and develop communities.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. Until then, take care!

Karim Lesina
Executive Vice President
Chief External Affairs Officer – Millicom (TIGO)


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