As we move towards a post-COVID-19 future, designing solutions for a connected world has become more important than ever before. To meet a new wave of global challenges, designers must embrace fresh thinking, decisive leadership, and collaborative creativity across multiple disciplines. A greater understanding of shifting global trends, challenges, and opportunities will inform better design choices, and ultimately create a more coherent and connected experience for users.  

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Ready to jump on the train to digital fashion? It redefines how we wear, buy and experience fashion. In this episode, Digital Artist Ruby 9100M explains the concept of virtual avatars and why NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the next frontier for luxury brands.

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We live in a time of ambiguity and change. With a new normal to navigate and adapt to, Business of Design Week (BODW) 2021 – “Global Design Reset” is about exploring new ideas that will help us thrive as we design for a more connected world.

The DFA Awards is one of the Asia’s most prestigious design awards, honouring exceptional design leaders and projects that contribute to societal betterment. Celebrating projects at the forefront of design excellence that incorporate with Asian perspectives, 2021 saw trailblazers who are striving to make the world a better place through collective creativity.

WaterHall Project (Cambodia) | Orient Occident Atelier (Hong Kong) 

Located in a Cambodia village, the WaterHall is a twin structure composed of a circular rainwater collection funnel that doubles as a community hall, and an adjacent building that houses a pump and a filter system. Orient Occident Atelier studied and adopted the local vernacular and crafts with the help of community members from the village. This impressive project not only provides villagers with access to clean, potable water, but also creates a social venue for gatherings and festivities.

In the world of nature, cross-pollination is where new life arises from pollination amongst different plants. The same principle can be applied to innovation – that is, the process of borrowing ideas from another industry – to understand what makes ideas successful and use these ideas to improve situations one is facing. By making meaningful connections and taking note of similarities, designers can find inspirations from different realms, taking the best of all worlds. This brainstorming method defies traditional ways of approaching a problem by allowing great ideas to arise from a combination of ideas.

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Watch Business of Design Week (BODW) 2021 On Demand for Free

The BODW 2021 Summit gathers over 80 prominent business and brand innovators from around the world, who underline the importance of fresh thinking, decisive leadership and collaborative creativity for navigating the new normal. Register on bodw+ for free unlimited access to over 30 exciting sessions!

DFA Awards 2021 Online Showcase

At the newly launched DFA Awards 2021 Online Showcase, the public can explore influential design projects for Asia, and familiarise themselves with global design trailblazers, Hong Kong’s emerging designers and much more through their exclusive design stories for the DFA Awards.

6 Dec 2021 – 28 Feb 2022
"Delightful Design" Exhibition

Design Spectrum’s latest thematic exhibition, “Delightful Design”, reveals the linkage between design and happiness in four aspects: Sense, Mind, Ideology and Social. Featuring nearly 40 local and overseas design projects, the exhibition provides different experience zones for visitors to interact and explore happiness. (Pre-registration required)

18–31 Dec 2021
Memory Lane 1921-2021

Under the theme of “Typography” and “Hong Kong Signboards”, the “Memory Lane 1921-2021” programme curated by THY LAB, a partner of CityProg 2021, features neon lightings, LED and wooden signboards to showcase the evolution of signboards over the past century.

Now to 20 Feb 2022
Style-cation mode series: Somewhere Nowhere

Make every square inch your personal runway with W Hong Kong’s first Style-cation-Mode Series: SOMEWHERE NOWHERE – the first of W Hong Kong’s collaborations to join hands with designers from Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP) and Design Incubation Programme (DIP).

Now to Mar 2022
Programme Highlight - Business of Design Week: Global Design Reset

What mindset will it take to thrive in our post-pandemic world? The 1-hour ViuTV highlights programme “Business of Design Week: Global Design Reset” encapsulates the latest trends from Asia's leading annual design conference. Let’s make a breakthrough with creativity!

Now to Mar 2022
DFA Awards 2021 TV Special

The DFA Awards 2021’s TV Special invites audiences to discover creative trailblazers and design talent, as well as exceptional projects with impact in Asia. The 1-hour programme features comments from our distinguished panel of judges on selective winning projects.

Now to Apr 2022
DS Shop

Located at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, DS Shop at G07 of Design Spectrum introduces new and exclusive products from DFA Awards’ winning projects and exhibitions, including fashion accessories, upcycling products and attractive daily necessities. Come and shop around for some nice design gifts for your New Year parties!

JCCAC Festival 2021 “Dream Catcher"
JCCAC Festival 2021 “Dream Catcher” showcases the myriad of works by its multi-faceted tenant artists, through a visual journey of artists’ dreams.
4 Dec 2021 – 10 Jan 2022

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