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It’s non-stop activity for you lawyers who have signed up for the challenge and you haven’t let us down … for this leg of our MI CtWC Challenge we needed to amass enough kms/MIles to reach Buenos Aires to thank Francisco and his family for letting us be part of their fantastic road trip Challenge – see their story here

But first we must remind everyone about why we are doing this and who we are the raising money for. 

Here is Jim Berry explaining in his own words ‘Why Larchfield’ – listen and be inspired.

So, with all the activity from our connectors so far, we’ve built up enough MIles for quite some journey through the Americas - we set off from Los Angeles, where Greg has probably been up for hours already, passed through Phoenix with Rob and Tom, and then on to see Rodrigo in Mexico City

Next stop is one of our most recent MI members, Gonzalo, in Guatemala and after that we give a passing wave to Juan, host of our last face-to-face meeting, in Dominican Republic in 2019 (is he still on the beach we wonder?). After that it is Pedro in Caracas, Venezuela before enjoying an evening with Bernardo in Bogota, Colombia.

Off down the coast to seek out Eduardo in Lima, Peru and to revisit the city of Santiago, Chile where Juan and Benjamin are sure to give us a great welcome after the AGM in 2017.

Finally we arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Francisco (Pancho) and his family should have another huge BBQ set up for all of us, ready to share their holiday photos late into the evening and Agustina will be keen to take us out for an exhilarating boat trip.

Another 9800km has now been added to our challenge mileage. Total distance so far 11,600 km. Well done everyone!!!

NOW Scroll down to read and be inspired by our wonderful ‘Challengers’ - sign up details are at the bottom.

You can see our progress and connect with our firms at

Where can your MIles take us next?

Le Mans 24 Hour spectacular podium finish boosts MI CtWC distance.

Our CtWC challenge took to the Le Mans racetrack in France this weekend by way of Jim Lister (Elaine's son) being front and centre of TF Sport's Aston Martin pit crew defending their 2020 Le Mans 24hr GTE Am win.   

In a 24 hour ongoing battle for P1/P2 against AF Corse's Ferrari squad, TF Sport's #33 car with drivers Ben Keating (UK), Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg), and Felipe Fraga (Brazil) on board kept up the pace and only 1m 40secs separated the cars on lap 340 when AF Corse's  #83 car crossed the line to gain P1 in GTE Am class (it's those pesky Italians beating the UK again!).   
Elaine comments "There are few moments more nerve-wracking than seeing your son having to perform a perfect pit stop (with no sleep for 30 hours and just 4 pit crew members per car) to hold the car in P1/P2 position. TF Sport brought all three of their Aston Martin team cars over the finish line in P2 #33, P6 #777 and P8 #95 - an excellent result.

340 laps and 25 pit stops for the P2 car #33 amassed 2855 miles (4594 km) and are proudly being claimed by Mackrell HQ for our CtWC challenge mileage!


You will remember from the last Newsletter that Francisco (Pancho) Roggero from Zang Bergel & Viñes in Argentina has spent the last month travelling through the North West of the country with his family and has used it as an opportunity to really ‘clock’ those Sponsorship MIles.  We can now celebrate the last two legs of his journey:

Fifth Leg: 180 Kilometres through the Yungas from Salta to Jujuy (arrived in Ticara)

Sixth Leg: 180 Kilometres to Salinas Grandes

David Ettinger, from Keller & Heckman in Washington DC and the current Mackrell International Chair wanted to build an MI CSR programme that allowed everyone to participate, raise funds and support children around the world. Well this is working…..   He also has a story..

One of the few sports I can keep up with my sons, okay the only sport, is golf. My dad taught me how to play, and I can remember the great times we shared on the course together. I am using the Mackrell Connect the World Challenge to get back out there with my boys. We played our first round of the summer yesterday, and I am looking forward to squeezing in a few more (and raise some money for our charities in the process!).

Again our Team ‘Washindi’ is active - they are from member firm for Kenya, Igeria & Ngugi, and they have lawyers doing all different things to raise money.  This week we have two lawyers stepping up and raising sponsorship funds  Mercy Karumba (swimming) and  Martin Gigoni (hiking)

Mercy:  1hour 20- 30 laps : I enjoy teaching and practicing swimming. However, butterfly stoke has always been my weakness. I gave it my best shot and it seems like I have one more style for my next lesson.

Martin: Hiking peaked my interest (pun intended) as it is a great way to replenish the body and relax the mind as you connect with nature and all things peaceful and wonderful. I chose to trek the 5Km journey of one of Kenya's most beautiful trails at the heart of the capital city to get away from the daily hustles of capitalism and reengage myself with nature.

Our Mackrell HQ Team Member for this Newsletter is Elaine Lister.  She, too, has set herself multiple goals over the next six months and is looking forward to sharing her achievements and the money she has raised.  She has already driven 25km in a (stolen) Ferrari.  What’s next?

Whilst air travel that starts and ends at major airports is complicated at the moment, taking to the sky from a local airfield is much less hassle. All you need is a fine day and a facemask. With husband Alan at the controls we took an afternoon helicopter trip over the South Downs and South Coast of England. A very enjoyable way to cover 100km without traffic jams.

Family member cajoled into participating and then embracing the challenge and the cause is Mackrell HQ Meryl’s husband Martyn – providing a ‘donate before you eat’ BBQ for friends and family.

Well, Meryl asked me to sign up to three challenges each on a different favourite activity. This weekend was my first fave - cooking; and even better cooking BBQ. The surprise part of the BBQ was that all of our friends got to put money into the 'Connect the World Challenge' bin to donate to our charities.

It is fitting that we end this ‘Connector Section’ in Argentina as we have started with a second Challenger from Zang, Bergel & Viñes who is ‘wowing’ us with her goal to raise funds. Agustina Torre is an amazingly experienced sailor and her challenge and we are lucky to have her raising funds.

Capsized! Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

30 nautical miles on a rainy day.
If we are going to get to New Zealand we need more of you to sign up and get fundraising and logging those MIles. 
It’s easy - go on, do it – you know you want to…… 
  1. Decide your personal challenge and how you’ll raise funds
  2. Sign up here
If you need inspiration…..
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You too can Connect the World and make a difference to a child’s life.
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