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The microbrand watch scene is infinite and ever changing. Yet the Japanese boutique brand Minase stands out with a unique story and beautiful, original products. Minase is in many ways a love story of a passion for watchmaking, and the mastery of traditional Japanese crafts.
Minase’s Origins
In 2005, Minase was founded as part of Kyowa and Co., a Japanese specialist tool maker. Kyowa was founded in 1963 and has made a name for itself in the high-end watch making industry with its expertise of drill manufacturing and metal cutting technology. The company expanded and specialized in the making and polishing of watch cases, working for very well-known Swiss and European luxury brands. After almost 50 years of making tools and finishing cases and parts for other brands, Kyowa’s manager, Koichi Suzuki decided to take his passion for watches one step further. He created his own watch brand - Minase.
The Philosophy
Minase is the name of the village in which the manufacture is located, in Yuzawa Prefecture, some 500km North of Tokyo. Trusting their workforce, Minase’s managers  decided not to hire trained watchmakers from far away cities, but rather to teach and train their own craftspeople. Minase’s philosophy embodies the Japanese principle of “Monozukuri”. Literally translated, Monozukuri means “Making things by hand”, it stands for technological excellence, a know-how gained through repetition and passion for the work. It is a special attitude towards production, a pride in the job and continuous research and innovation, improvement and an unending quest for perfection.
The Watches
Minase timepieces are meant to convey the traditions of a culture dear to the hearts of the founders. Every watch is hand-made and embodies Japanese traditional techniques. Quality, precision and tradition; this is Minase.

The brand offers 3 collections: Divido, 5 Windows and Horizon. The two latter also offer a smaller size version for those who prefer a smaller watch.
What is so unique about Minase watches?
There are 3 particularities that make Minase watches unique. First, the steel parts are polished with the seldom used Sallaz polishing technique. Highly-skilled craftsmen spend hours, hand-polishing every single steel part of the watch. It can take an experienced worker up to 3 days to entirely polish a single 5 Windows.

Then, the watches are constructed in a manner Minase refers to as “Case in Case”. Indeed, there is no dial in the traditional sense. The movement is covered by a container on top of which the index ring is fitted. This creates a "floating" structure built inside each case.

Last but not least, every Minase watch is labelled MORE- "Minase Original Rebuilding Equation" a patented structure that was developed in order to make watches that can be treasured for more than 100 years. Inspired by Japanese wooden puzzles, this design allows Minase’s watchmakers to assemble and disassemble exterior parts of the watch, such as the case and bracelet, as many times as they need to refit or repair the watch.
The Divido is the only round model of the brand. With its sharp angles, the alternating between the polished and matte surfaces and the see-through case, the Divido is a watch one does never get tired of looking at. Its hand-painted dial offers beautiful reflections and guarantees the uniqueness of each watch.
The harmonious fusion of the case with the spherical sapphire crystal seemingly flows unimpeded to the bracelet creating a view not unlike that of the horizon's line over the ocean. For smaller wrists, the Horizon is also available in a mid-size version. A slightly smaller and very elegant alternative.
5 Windows
Available in stainless steel, palladium, 18 K yellow or 18 K rose gold, the case is enhanced by 5 sapphire crystal windows, offering an impressive view of the 3-dimensional case in case structure and movement. For smaller wrists, 5 windows are also available in a MID-SIZE version.
Minase watches are for people passionate about watches, people who search for something different, a watch that has a story to tell. Minase watches symbolize true Japanese craftsmanship and convey values of tradition, passion and quality. Discover more on Minase’s website :

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