Minimizing power variation due to different device installation locations

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Dear Stryders, 

From day one, the Stryd Pioneer measured your training intensity (in watts) to keep you in the right zone. Over time we found that making precise power comparisons between athletes and Pioneer devices was sometimes difficult. We saw the root cause to be the variation in the way athletes wore the Pioneer. More specifically, when athletes wear their Stryd Pioneer at different locations around their chest, location-specific motion artifact kicks in and can cause the power measurement to vary.

Today, we are releasing a new Pioneer firmware update that makes the power shown by every Pioneer to be consistent across Stryders’ wear patterns. The good news is that comparing with other athletes and using different Stryd power meters in training will work a lot better. The bad news is that if you want to compare yourself and others, you'll need to perform a calibration (but only once). Let’s be clear though—this new calibration is optional. If you don't do it, your Pioneer will continue to provide consistent day-by-day power measurements, keeping you in the right zone and will work as before for your race-day pacing. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge however, read on.

Let’s take a look at how power may vary with and without personal calibration. Without personal calibration, Figure 1 shows running power measurements vs. the metabolic energy expenditure as collected from multiple Stryders with the Stryd Pioneer worn in the chest location of their choosing. The Stryd Pioneer is able to consistently measure training intensity for each individual athlete, but challenges remain for athletes to directly compare their running power, hence running efficiency, with others in the test.

Here’s how personal calibration works under the new firmware release. During a 10-minute normal training run, your Stryd Pioneer is configured to capture the motion artifact due to the location you wear Stryd on your chest. Personalized calibration is then performed to your Stryd Pioneer via the Stryd mobile app. Figure 2 shows the post-calibration results, showing the same consistent power measurements but with comparable power outputs across Stryders.

Note that, the new Stryd foot pod does not require personal calibration. Calibrating Stryd Pioneer will also help align the power measurement between Stryd Pioneer and the new Stryd foot pod. 

How to perform the calibration?

1.           Download and install the latest Stryd mobile app; version 2.1 on iOS and version 3.1 on Android.

2.          Use the Stryd mobile app to update your Stryd Pioneer with the new firmware.

3.          On the Stryd mobile app, click the “Start Training” button. Do a 10-minute normal training run on a flat surface using the mobile app and Stryd Pioneer.

4.          After the run, a new run record will appear on the main profile screen. Long press this new run record until you see a pop-up window asking you to activate personal calibration. Please select “Yes”.

5.          Your personal calibration is completed.

What are the downsides of personal calibration?

After calibration, your power number may change from what you are used to. As such, you may need to redo the critical power test in order to update your power zones accordingly. You may also temporary “lose” the personal feel for your running power and RPE. It may take a week or two to regain this personal feel to remap to your calibrated power results.

What are the benefits of personal calibration?

Personal calibration can effectively minimize the impact of the motion artifact due to wearing your Pioneer on different locations around your chest. It will help to enable your direct power comparison across athletes, which may help you better understand and improve your running form and efficiency.

What if I don’t do the calibration?

As always, even without personal calibration, your Stryd Pioneer is still able to consistently measure your training intensity. If your primary goal for using Stryd Pioneer is to manage training intensity and pacing, you do not need to perform the calibration.

Please email us at if you have further questions. Thanks again for your support!

The Stryd Team 

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