Gijs van Bon;
more than SKRYF and BLOM
Dear William Gênard,

Gijs van Bon is especially known for his installations SKRYF, the sand writer and BLOM, the installation which creates drawings. Both installations have travelled throughout Europe, and we were extremely pleased to also perform outside Europe,for example in Moskou, Seoul and San Francisco.
Apart from SKRYF and BLOM, Gijs van Bon is continuously developing installations which appeal to a wide audience. These installations can perform at large festivals and events, but also in a more intimate and concentrated atmosphere.

We would love to introduce you to NYX, a writing installation which writes poetic texts in the darkness, Parallel Suspended; a robot installation which draws complete sand carpets; Fleeting; an installation which prints ink onto liquid and Minuted; an installation which writes poems onto a small assembly line.
Nyx, goddess of the night, daughter of Chaos, pulls the dark nebula over the world while striding along the heavens.
Nyx writes poems with light emitting powder at night. Letter after letter, the shining text appears slowly out of the machine. Once on the ground, the glowing letters form words and the words poetic texts.
The wonderful writer leads the text and the reader through the night.
Minuted is a very special installation which places sand onto a small assembly belt. On top of the sand the installations prints with ink a short poetic story. At the end of the assembly belt, the  sand falls down onto a pile and reflects to passing time, thoughts and poetry.
Fleeting briefly creates order and then drifts off into a natural chaos.
Poetical texts are printed in a slowly rotating basin filled up with a white liquid.
A pivoting stick interferes in the basin and transforms the words into flowerlike forms and stretches reality.
Parallel Suspended
Parallel Suspended is a large scale robotic installation. A computer controls very precise 8 wires to position (x/y/z) a tool in a performance area of 15m x 15m to draw a sand carpet of write a story.
If you wish to receive more information about the above performance, just let us know and we will provide you with the necessary info.

Best wishes,

Huub Heye
Tanja Ruiter
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