HH Producties dance:
Cie Dyptik, Cie Concordance, Cie Artonik en Cie Willi Dorner!
Dear William Gênard,

We are all the proud owner of a body. It ensures that we are alive, that we can move ourselves and that we can feel love and pain.
Only a select group, the dancers and movement artists are able to, in a very special manner, let their bodies speak.
Just a body in public space speak more than words can express.
We would love to introduce you again to four absolutely different performances where the body has the leading role.

Cie Dyptik – D-Construction

D-Construction is a very energetic dance performance with 6 dancers.
The music unfolds itself as a beating heart and the dancers are entrained into an exciting beat.
A metal scaffolding stands in the middle of the performance site. It divides two different worlds.
Public and dancers slowly merge and the fence doesn’t turn out to be an obstacle.
D-Construction is an amazing contemporary dance performance which appeals to a wide range of audience.
Ready for a some moves?

Cie Dyptik can also provide workshops. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Cie Concordance - Bugs n' Buzz

Imagine yourself an ordinary terrace in the sun or a bit in the shade. Lovely people around you, good coffee, carrot cake, nice bears and a cheese platter.
One table has the sign ‘reserved’ on it.
An extraordinary couple take the seats.

Bug surfs through the audience with organic and robotic movements and switches skilfully between public and private spaces.
Buzz composes music out of everything he sees and touches. He turns a fork into a violin and a knife into a bass, and builds an ephemeral sound architecture accompanying Bug’s dance.
Slowly the complete terrace becomes a performance space and the surrounding audience will be surprised an amazed by the performance. Take a look at the video.
HH Producties - Concordance

Cie Artonik – The Color of Time

With The Color of Time, Artonik creates a collective contemporary stroll which gathers and brings people together, with a desire of tenderness, sharing and friendship, to fight against sectarian ideas or fear of the others.

In a rainbow eruption of powder and dance, The Color of Time brings a stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi festival celebrated in India.
In a massive dance-theatre parade, dancers and musicians move in a choreographed parade towards a huge finale. Joining in, the audience are invited into a riotous explosion of colour and joy, painting the sky with Gulal (colored corn flour). Check out here how we performed in Australia.

Cie Willi Dorner – Bodies in urban spaces

Bodies in urban spaces is a temporary ‘disruption’ in an urban architectural environment. The disruption is caused by bodies stuffed in corners, spaces, niches and stairs. Groups of dancers, climbers and performers in brightly coloured clothes take you along a busy promenade, an alley or a main road.
They place themselves in doorways, alcoves or whatever empty space they can find in public buildings or public spaces.
Just send us an email if you wish to receive a full promo pack of the performance.
Best wishes,

Huub Heye
Tanja Ruiter
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