Update on RID Testing LLC
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Update on RID Testing LLC


by Dawn Whitcher, President



The purpose of this vlog is to provide an update on the Testing LLC.  With as much information as has been shared, I thought it important to review a few events that led us to this point.

  • During the summer of 2015, the RID Board placed a moratorium on testing.  One of the many reasons was to allow time for the risk assessment.
  • Members were already appointed to Certification Development Maintenance Groups (CDMGs).  Since testing was on moratorium, so was their work.
  • The Board determined to establish an LLC to focus on testing.
  • During the March 2016 RID Board face to face meeting, the Board determined to lift the moratorium on the NIC and CDI, allowing registration to occur starting July 1, 2016.

We have established the LLC.  The original vision was to to create a multi-partner LLC.  When that didn’t occur, we established a single member LLC, which means ownership, transition support, and capitol investment required will come from RID.

The name of the new entity is the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation [CASLI].  The logo has also been selected.


Center For Assessment of Sign Language Interpreting Logo


The following is an explanation of the structure of CASLI.  A five-member managing board will be established for CASLI.  CASLI will have their own managing Board separate from the RID Board.  This managing board will oversee the day-to-day fiscal and administrative operations of CASLI and provide leadership in the planning and development activities of CASLI.  Individuals who will be appointed come with strong backgrounds in interpretation, testing and measurement, finance and business, and other related skill sets.  They also represent both the Deaf and interpreting communities and diverse stakeholders in the quality of interpreting services. Candidates for the CASLI managing board have been identified and are being interviewed. Finalists are in the process of being appointed.  Once appointed, we will share their names, backgrounds, and bios.

In terms of CASLI’s roles and responsibilities:

As I mentioned, the Board determined to allow registration for the NIC and CDI starting July 1, 2016.  These applications will begin to be accepted by CASLI. Further responsibility of CASLI includes:

  • The development of the next iteration of the NIC exam, and
  • The development and implementation of the Job Task Analysis for the CDI.

To facilitate this work a testing committee under CASLI has been created.  Earlier I mentioned that members for CDMGs had been appointed, but their work put on hold. The members of the CASLI testing committee are individuals who were previously appointed to serve on either the NIC or CDI Certification Development Maintenance Group.  All of those individuals previously appointed were contacted and asked if they were willing to serve with a slightly adjusted scope of work (SOW) as members of the CASLI Testing Committee.  The SOW has been created and will be shared once the CASLI website is operating.

The following slide is a list of individuals who confirmed their agreement to serve, and we are delighted to announce their official appointment.

  • Brian Cerney [CI, CT]
  • Ray Kenney [CDI]
  • Liz Mendoza [CI, CT, SC:L]
  • Geri Mu [CI, CT]
  • Jeffrey Levi Palmer [NIC, Ed:K-12]
  • Amy Peterson [CDI]
  • Keven Poore, [CDI]
  • Christopher Tester [CDI; SC:L]

RID will confer certification.  As a result, RID will continue to administer certification related functions, and the members still retain voting authority over those certification functions identified in the RID Bylaws.

The RID Board is in the process of completing the development of the SOW for the RID Certification Committee and plans to have that committee in place in the near future.  Two of the important tasks that will be ascribed to this group will be 1] to address Convention Motion 2007.4 related to criteria for recognizing tests other than those developed by RID.  This is a task that was assigned to the 2013-2015 Certification Committee that was not completed., and 2] to consider alternatives for specialty certification. We will share specific information about the bridge plan as soon as it has been finalized.

Because testing and certification have often been conflated within RID, it will take the association, its membership, and external stakeholders time to internalize the distinctions between the RID and CASLI functions and to learn how to interface with each entity for specific purposes.

Please watch for further information.

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