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Round Two

Dear subscriber,
Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is delighted to inform you that it will run a second round of unlatching Humanities and Social Sciences titles, with changes to the execution of the model as a result of feedback from libraries. This follows on from the success of the KU proof-of-concept Pilot, where it was demonstrated that global communities of monograph stakeholders are eager to work together in new ways to secure positive change for monograph markets, and an open future for long-form publications. For a full report on the Pilot that ended in 2014, see the Downloads section on our website.
We have now identified a number of issues that require attention before embarking on fully scaling up KU. This second round will offer more books from more publishers and test the offering of small subject packages rather than a fixed bundle of books (no 'big deals').
Here is an outline of Round Two.

  • 26 publishers submitted 155 titles from which a shortlist of ca. 80 is being compiled by the Library Task Force
  • We are currently creating eight small packages of ca. ten titles each
  • There are two types of packages; subject-based and publisher-based
  • There are five subjects: Anthropology, History, Literature, Media & Communications and Politics
  • The two publishers with their own packages are Duke University Press and The University of Michigan Press
  • Libraries will be asked to pledge to a minimum of six packages (though we hope you will want to unlatch them all)
  • As the process is currently ongoing to obtain author permissions to finalise the shortlist of titles, the exact participation fee is as yet unknown but we are aiming for $3,000 - $4,000 per library with a minimum of 300 libraries needed in order to unlatch the collections
  • The pledging period will run from October 2015 - January 2016
  • Discounts on purchases of additional formats will be on a publisher-by-publisher basis
  • A service charge of 15% to cover KU’s running costs (which were previously covered by grants) will be divided between the publishing and library communities, with 7.5% of the Title Fee being covered by each party (and included in the Title Fee we will be quoting to you).

Please see the below infographic which shows at a glance the differences between the two rounds.
What next?
More than 120 libraries have already pre-registered after the end of the Pilot where we had 297 libraries pledging from 24 countries. This time we hope the numbers will be greater.
We are working together again with our partners who helped support us through the Pilot such as Jisc Collections, LYRASIS and Informed Strategies.
No membership fees apply for the second round. The timetable for the second round can be found here. The pledging period will run from October 2015 - January 2016.
We will be in touch with further information soon. Please contact KU’s Partnership Manager Christina Emery ( if you have any questions.

- The Knowledge Unlatched team
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