22 June 2016   One day to go until the EU referendum - find reading about the issues at stake in our archive.
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A momentous, perhaps fateful referendum

'The character of the debate threatens the EU whatever the outcome on 23 June’ writes Frank Turner SJ. Which areas of interest and importance has the public forum struggled to accommodate?  Read >>

Our common goods in the European Union

Patrick Riordan SJ is worried about the lack of depth to the referendum debates: ‘we have neglected to form the political culture in which a reasonable debate about membership of the EU can take place.’   Read >>

Whatever happened to solidarity?

Discussions that focus solely on what EU reform would achieve for Britain do not reflect a commitment to solidarity, one of the foundations of Catholic Social Teaching. Patrick Riordan SJ considers what solidarity involves.  Read >>

Catholic Social Teaching and Europe

Anthony Carroll considers how well the current structures of the EU are fulfilling the initial aims of the union, which have a strong grounding in Catholic Social Teaching.  Read >>

Europe's troubled union

Edmond Grace SJ explores the popular understandings – and misunderstandings – about how the EU operates, and suggests why the relationship between Britain and Brussels might be considered unique.  Read >>

St Catherine of Siena

How does the life Catherine of Siena, co-Patron of Europe, suggest ways in which we might think about our political engagement, particularly when it comes to the European question?   Read >>

And finally: what has the EU done for...?

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