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A Workshop for the New Moon in Cancer, the Full Moon in Aquarius, and the Astrology of July 20-August 17

The New Moon in Cancer arrives at 10:33 AM PT on July 20th. Sitting in direct opposition to Saturn, this New Moon is weighty, serious, and wants us to honor the limits we have to work within. Not the best moment to begin something that needs to happen with speed, this New Moon is meditative, contemplative, and reflective. It uplifts what is slow and steady. It asks us to adhere to the lineages and traditions that are sound, sturdy, and adaptable enough to be a bridge between this moment and a future full of care for all. The second of two New Moons in Cancer in a month (the first was a solar eclipse on June 20th), we are getting a double dose of Cancerian wisdom; know how your origin stories are shaping your present moment.

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 3rd at 8:59 AM PT. Square Uranus in Taurus, this Full Moon is a wild card. Poised to shake up the status quo with fortitude for the long run, this disruptive Full Moon is foreshadowing a major astrological arc of 2021. Systems change is the signature here.

Mars enters its pre-retrograde shadow on July 26th. From now until January 2021, Mars, the planet of courage, inflammation, and action is helping us do a major review. With the red planet charging through the territory it will return to later in the year, the lessons we are learning in the area of our chart that is impacted will be revisited multiple times. In this workshop, we will delve into what you can do to prepare for this transit and all the complications and opportunities that it may bring.  

Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow on July 27th. Mercury is now free and clear to aid us in the forward motion of our writing and communication projects.  

Venus leaves its post-retrograde shadow on July 29th. On August 7th, for the first time since early April, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. In retrospect, we can see more clearly all the ways in which this last Venus Retrograde has impacted us and our ways of relating. In this workshop, we’ll investigate what Venus in Gemini has meant for you and what gifts Venus in Cancer can bring to you.  

This workshop includes:

  • A reading for your sign, explaining the significance of the New Moon in Cancer, the Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Cancer and Mars in its pre-retrograde shadow;
  • A ritual for the New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Aquarius; 
  • Guided meditations for the New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Aquarius; 
  • Altar suggestions for the New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Aquarius; 
  • A detailed exploration of the astrology of the lunar cycle from July 20 - August 17
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