Dear wine lover, here are links to some of the articles that were published on this week.

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Dear wine lover

After last week's difficulties with cancelled flights, Nick and I did make it to the wedding on Paxos last Friday. It seemed a very long way from the horrors of London Bridge that were to follow - and indeed from our unpredictable election. The very beautiful ceremony in this olive grove involved an extraordinary amount of organisation, and multiple group emails from the groom. Imagine organising bus pick-ups for 120 from dozens of different villas, none of which has an address. Our flight back on Sunday was incident-free, though the empty row behind us was somewhat poignant.

My organisational skills were focused, as ever, on, where our coverage this week was as rich and varied as usual. We published the first half of our German specialist Michael Schmidt's initial coverage of German 2016s. To be continued...

Richard continued his coverage of Rhône 2015s - indeed this was quite a Rhôney week as I reported on Chapoutier's 2016 Sélections Parcellaires, republished a long article on Châteauneuf 2006s and chose same as today's wine of the week. I also wrote about France's other great river in an enthusiastic report on some mature Chinons.

Last Saturday I gave some tips on how to get the best deals on fine wine in our Brexit-obsessed world and Nick wrote about the recent restaurant revolution in London's financial district.

Max Allen contributed a fascinating report on the extent of Chinese investment in Australian wine. Richard reviewed an interesting new device for wine leftovers and I shared some images of how badly the wine country of southern Chile was hit by the forest fires earlier this year. And Andy Howard, the third Master of Wine to contribute to our site this week, continued his series on major UK retailers with an assessment of the current wine range of M&S. We also continued to publish Chinese translations of old articles.

Yours thoroughly confused about the future of our country,


​Red Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2006 (Wines of the week)

Jun 09, 2017 09:00 am | Jancis Robinson

From  €19.95, £15 + tax, $23.99, 28 Swiss francs + VAT, HK$287 and many more currencies Find a 2006 Châteauneuf As is evident in this week’s article on Mature Chinons and to a lesser extent in Loeb’s ‘drinking’ burgundies also published recently, I am very keen on taking full advantage of one of wine’s unique attributes as a drink: its ability to…

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M&S - still fighting (Don't quote me)

Jun 09, 2017 09:00 am | Guest contributor

Retail specialist Andy Howard MW continues his series assessing the UK's major wine retailers. See his report on Morrisons last week. The latest set of full-year figures has shown that managing the ‘recovery’ at Marks and Spencer remains work in progress. Since the start of the millennium, no fewer than four CEOs have wrestled with the issues faced…

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Châteauneuf - why 2006 is so delicious (Free for all)

Jun 08, 2017 09:00 am | Jancis Robinson

8 June 2017 We are republishing this nine-year-old article from our members' section Purple Pages in our Throwback Thursday series in preparation for tomorrow's wine of the week.  15 January 2008 See my tasting notes on about 165 red 2006 Châteauneufs and 65 white 2006 Châteauneufs.  I wrote recently in praise of the new, improved white…

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Mature Chinon - a steal (Tasting articles)

Jun 08, 2017 09:00 am | Jancis Robinson

Purple Pager Thomas De Waen is a massive wine enthusiast, and a particularly proactive one. I searched for 'Waen' in our Main forum and found that he had made substantial, meaty contributions to 15 threads. He it was who described Cellartracker as 'wine porn of the highest order'. And he is particularly keen on nosing out fine wine value. Driven to…

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Review: a cunning new wine-saving device (Free for all)

Jun 07, 2017 09:00 am | Richard Hemming MW

The claim that 50 million litres of wine are thrown away every year in the UK alone might sound far-fetched, but when you dispose of as much left-over wine as I do, it seems entirely realistic. I do my best to recycle as much of it as possible (via my digestive system), but a man’s liver has its limits. But regardless of whether or not your…

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VDP 2016s part 1 - Rheingau, Pfalz and Mosel (Tasting articles)

Jun 07, 2017 09:00 am | Michael Schmidt

The Weinbörse in Mainz is an annual event hosted by the VDP, the association of German premium wine producers, which provides a first comprehensive overview of the wines from the most recent vintage. This picture, taken from the VDP website, is of the president Steffen Christmann at this year's presentation. In April 2017 around 200 growers from…

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Chapoutier Sélections Parcellaires 2016s (Tasting articles)

Jun 06, 2017 09:00 am | Jancis Robinson

Michel Chapoutier is a professional wine bureaucrat, in his substantial roles representing the Rhône in Paris and directing Inter-Rhône in Avignon. He somehow managed to find the time to get the Eurostar to London at the end of April, however, to present the latest vintage of his single-vineyard top wines, the so-called Sélections Parcellaires,…

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Scenes from Chile (Free for all)

Jun 06, 2017 09:00 am | Jancis Robinson

You may remember that in early February I was in southern Chile and saw the terrible effects of the late-January fires there (see Mainly Itata). Miguel Torres Maczassek, who has long played an important part in the southern Chilean wine scene, sent these heart-rending pictures from his visit to the country from his base in Catalunya. He reports…

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​Chinese invest in Australian wine (Max on Oz)

Jun 05, 2017 09:00 am | Max Allen

We hear a lot about how China is now the Australian wine industry’s number one export wine market. What’s less well known is the growth of Chinese investment in Australian vineyards and wineries. Two recent deals provide a snapshot of how this story is unfolding. In late April this year a private Chinese company purchased the small, 10-hectare,…

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Yet more Rhône 2015s - and a few 2016s (Tasting articles)

Jun 05, 2017 09:00 am | Richard Hemming MW

The following tasting notes plug a few more gaps in our existing coverage of the Rhône Valley's excellent 2015 vintage covering whites and reds from both north and south. They include some renowned names such as Yves Cuilleron, Vieux Télégraphe and Roger Sabon as well as lesser-known properties, but with a very few exceptions, they are all a great…

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The City wakes up at the weekend (Nick on restaurants)

Jun 03, 2017 01:00 am | Nick Lander

I can still recall two comments from the late J D F Jones, the Financial Times Weekend editor who hired me as the paper’s restaurant correspondent back in 1989. The first was a quick question. ‘Do you want your byline to be Nick Lander or Nicholas Lander?’, he asked me briskly. I chose the latter (more gravitas, in my opinion) and I have been known…

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How to buy wine cleverly (Free for all)

Jun 03, 2017 01:00 am | Jancis Robinson

A version of this article is published by the Financial Times. See also UK wine trade faces up to Brexit.  Professor Kym Anderson is based in Adelaide but his international reputation is such that he is co-founder of the extremely active American Association of Wine Economists. They publish papers called things like ‘Analyzing Barrel Purchasing…

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