CDCN Monthly Newsletter - July 22, 2015
Accelerating Research & Treatment for Castleman Disease
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Patient Contributes Samples & Funding
to Enable Groundbreaking Study:

Raj Jayanthan, a 26 year old diagnosed with multicentric Castleman disease last year, has fought back against his illness in the most incredible way. In addition to supporting other patients on CDCN websites, Raj has provided tissue samples for research and raised enough funds ($24,000) through his Castleman Warrior page to pay for an entire study! Six other patients also contributed blood samples that were used for this study.

The study, "Serum Proteomics", compared the levels of inflammatory proteins ("cytokines") responsible for Castleman disease between active disease and remission in seven patients. The CDCN is working around the clock to analyze the data and identify patterns which could help to explain what causes Castleman disease, what pathways are activated, what cell lines are effected, and how patient care can be improved. This could be groundbreaking. And Raj and his family made this study happen! With a rare disease like Castleman disease, if we don't join together to drive forward research, no one will.

- To donate to Raj's fundraising page, click here
- To become a Castleman Warrior and create your own fundraising page, click here.
- To let the CDCN know you're interested in contributing samples for international research studies (either extra stored lymph node samples or new blood samples), please fill out the survey at
Are you a patient or loved one? Ready to join the fight? It’s easy to become a Castleman Warrior! Please click here to learn more.

CDCN Co-founder Receives Standing Ovation After Sharing CDCN's Story at Wharton Commencement

CDCN Co-Founder, Dr. David Fajgenbaum, recently gave the Wharton Student commencement address, where he shared the CDCN's story of "applying business strategies to accelerate life-saving research" and flip the previous model of Castleman disease on its head. He was selected for this honor by his Wharton Classmates--many of whom have donated to or volunteered for the CDCN. Dr. Fajgenbaum's speech received a standing ovation and his work continues to inspire his fellow classmates, peers, and team members at the CDCN. Click here to watch the 5-minute speech and to learn more about the new approach the CDCN is taking to accelerate research.
To donate to the CDCN's life-saving research, click here.

Read a post written by Dr. Fajgenbaum on Wharton's MBA program website.

CDCN Brings on Community Coordinator:
Patty Prazenica

We've got hundreds of Castleman disease patients, loved ones, physicians, and researchers around the world that are turning to the CDCN for support, so we've brought on Patty Prazenica to help support our community. She has a background in advertising and a direct tie to the Castleman community, as her son-in-law is Dr. David Fajgenbaum. She has lived through several of David's hospitalizations and wanted to do her part to help take down this disease by volunteering her time. She hopes that the CDCN finds a cure or the best treatment to help out not only her son-in-law, but all patients suffering with this illness. Patty can be reached at or 610-304-0696 (M-F, 9am-6pm EST) with any questions you may have about Castleman disease or the CDCN.

Meet Our COO & Managing Director of Development:
Sean Craig
Sean, the CDCN Chief Operating Officer (COO), CDCN Managing Director of Development, and a management consultant for McKinsey & Co, leverages his extensive leadership experience to drive forward the CDCN. Sean joined the CDCN during his second year at Wharton while double majoring in Finance and Strategy. Prior to Wharton, Sean attended the United States Military Academy (West Point) where he graduated with a degree in Management and Systems Engineering. He served five years in the Army as a field artillery officer with one deployment to Iraq. Following his service commitment, Sean joined ExxonMobil and worked on several large oil and gas projects as part of their project management and execution group. 
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