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Greetings from
TTOK’s Artistic Director
Ryan Kerr

Hi Folks,
As I write this, the sun is shining, the clocks are about to skip ahead, the birds are singing and spring is on its way.
In the theatre when we are about to turn the lights off for a tech rehearsal, we say in warning, “Going dark!” Hard to believe it has been a full year since we had to go dark long-term at TTOK due to the pandemic.
I decided not to cut my hair until the theatre re-opened. I didn’t realize it would be so long.
It has been a trying twelve months to be sure, but many positive things have managed to rise to the surface despite the closure. Through fundraising efforts such as our TOAST TTOK empties drive (over $4000), our hoodies arrangement with Nish Tees (over $1500), our fantastic landlord (Cherney Properties) who gave us a break on the rent for eight months, unprecedented support from the City of Peterborough, New Stages and their Golden Ticket initiative, and our wonderful community supporting TTOK with individual donations, TTOK is still here. We honestly wouldn't be here now without you.
A big thanks goes out to Kate Story, Sarah McNeilly, Jeff Macklin, and Shannon McKenzie for listening, organizing, thinking outside the box, and all of their hard work through the past year. I really couldn't have held on without them. Or you, the devoted TTOK community.
We are taking this time to renovate the facilities so that when we can re-open, we are prepared and good to go. I hope to see you all in person sooner than later. Keep an eye out for The Cut and Paste Project and other events that may take place in the back parking lot once the weather breaks. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, enthusiasm, optimism, and general good will. Hopefully soon we will be saying “going dark” in preparation for a live show with you, our audiences, artists, and supporters. We will see you on the other side.
Ryan Kerr
Toast TTOK:
See you later in the spring!
Due to our region going into the Red zone, we have suspended our fabulously successful empties drive until further notice. If you can stand it, hang on to those empties! We will collect again!
TTOK Audience Challenge!
You voted, we applauded! And now for the final round. We have put your selections into two categories: Top 3 TTOK Remounts, and Top 3 new shows! Which shows will be the winners?
Drumroll please:
Top 3 TTOK Remounts:
Unexploded Ordnance
(aka Ryan’s World War 1 show)
Myrmidon (aka Bernie Martins’ play featuring
Kate and Curtis in Colin’s boat)
Young Frankenstein (speaks for itself)
Top 3 New Shows:
  • The Tempest (by, you know, Shakespeare)
  • Ubu Roi (by Alfred Jarry)
  • Him (by E. E. Cummings)
Make your voice heard! Go to this link and vote. Only one vote per category per person. Your vote will decide what we will be performing for you – one remount, and one new show – when we reopen!
We still need your help!
Every donation gets us closer to our goal: reopening and delivering live performance for the people we love. Please donate today! [add the usual instructions and the lovely red button]
Please go to or direct to our charitable partner Public Energy:

In the “FUND” line, choose “The Theatre on King” in the drop-down menu.
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