Dear Love,

This lil' gem has been in the makings for the past 2.5 years and I'm grateful to get to share this book of '36 love letters' with you today. It's been a journey filled with pockets of miracles and an entanglement of phenomenal hearts.

The Story Behind The Scenes

It all began from a journal of notes and letters of gratitude to the universe for moments that greatly impacted my life. I wanted to leave my HK fam with a letter of thanks including all the joys, lessons, evolutions, transformations we shared and of course with a note of deep gratitude for your grace. Higher Powers had other plans and it was definitely worth the wait.

In a casual conversation walking to the MTR with Nikki, we were talking about what we were working on in our lives. I told her I was working on a gift, a book of love letters and the concept behind the work (mind you I have never written a book or made a book in my life but I figured I'd learn along the way). I mentioned envisioning it having illustrations but my style of sketching wasn't right for the book, and she turns to me and says "I love that idea, I can do it." My heart jumped in awe from her kindness, to be honest I didn't know she drew but after describing what I was looking for she showed me a few of her works and it was absolutely perfect. Then quite a while later Lauren and I met for coffee to catch up, again discussing life, lessons and what we've been up to. I was telling her about the book and she asked me how I was making it and I had no clue but I shared with her where I was at. Originally, I wanted it to be a book you could hold in your hands but with the resources I had at the time, online was the best option. She started sharing these brilliant ideas that were new to me and I loved the possibilities and she took it to the next level. The moment she graciously said "I will do it," I was again humbly awestruck with love.

I met with my dream team and what began from a seed of an idea started to grow its root - this 'me' thing quickly evolved into a 'we' thing (I know that's cheesy, and deliciously so). This sparked the IG page @lovelettersfromabrokenheart as a way to expand its roots and stay connected with the community. As I mentioned before, I've never written for the public never mind a book of letters (Oh, and on top of all that, I had a crippling fear of people reading my writing): I needed an editor. This part was tricky as I wanted to keep the colour in the language; finding the right editor that could feel the heartbeat of the work was who I was seeking. A few months after moving to Vancouver, I met Bronwen, she kept us company while taking down a project. We started talking about life and what we were working on (you know me, life is my favorite topic of conversation). Her heart for humanity and the way she spoke about her scholarly work once again humbled me deep into the soil and so I asked if she'd consider editing this book of letters. Without hesitation she said "yes".

So here we are ready to share this journey with you. I cannot thank this team of Goddess's enough. The beautiful artwork crafted by Nikki, the editing by Bronwen and all the design behind the idea, the card, the ongoing IG page and the link you are receiving today by Lauren; have truly been a humble overflow of time, creativity and pure love. As this year comes to an end, with all that has happened I embrace the awakening of the new year with a heart broken open. I am infinitely grateful for the gift of who you are, and with every one of these beautiful encounters, miracles and gifts I thank you for breaking my heart open over, and over, and over again."

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