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Great News!
Since our last newsletter, we've been working hard to produce the final cut of Addicted to Sheep, our first indie feature length documentary. There have been lots of twists and turns but thanks to everyone who has supported us, The Addicted to Sheep Team is now proud to say WE HAVE DONE IT! 


From 62 hours of footage to the final 85 minute film it's been a truly collaborative project. The talented team who have made this ambitious film possible have shown an extraordinary level of passion, integrity and commitment. Those who have backed the film have also shown great imagination and trust. We can't possibly thank everyone enough for what they've done. Catch up on our recent Tales from the Edit.

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Are they going to like it?

From storytelling to colour grading, the last few months have been intensive, and very exciting. Filming for us is a joint venture between subject and crew. Before the start of filming, we discussed with the family why we wanted to make this film and the story we wanted to tell. 4 years on, after lots of time in the edit, the team decided it was finally time to show them a rough cut. However, we were nervous. ’Are they going to like it?  What do we do, if they don’t?’ Luckily they did!

With their feedback in mind, we carried on our journey, and had the privilege to spend a day in the sound studio with Chris Watson, one of the world’s leading sound recordists. Engaging the viewer through sound, taking out rather than filling out, was one of the main pointers we took away. Read more on our blog.

After many weeks of editing and watching Addicted to Sheep on computer screens, we decided it was time to see it on a big screen. The thoughts going through our minds were: ‘woo, beautiful, powerful, very intense, so sweet, out of focus, too dark, too light….’ and it goes on. But watching it on a big screen is a very different experience and we realised we had to strike the right balance between making the pace of the film engaging but not too fast and not too slow. So we went back in the edit!

After working with the composer James Burrell and doing the final adjustments, it was time for colour grading. After a week of precise work and watching it countless times, we checked our 85 minutes cut of Addicted to Sheep on broadcast monitors to make sure it's top notch for cinema, TV and online viewing. We passed the test! Read more here.

Finally, being happy with the story, the sound mix, the music and the colour grading, we did our very last test and watched it on a cinema screen. It felt like the first time we could really sit back and relax, and enjoy taking in the scenery, appreciate the sounds and music. Secretly, we all had a little tear in our eyes! 

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What comes next?

We have now entered a few high profile film festivals. Fingers crossed they like it as much as we do! It’s the first step to taking our film out to the world.

We have some very exciting times ahead! Watch this space! In the next few weeks we will be:

  • cutting a new trailer
  • applying to more festivals
  • arranging a ‘sneak preview’ for the community
  • gathering quotes and reviews of the film
  • talking to industry contacts about distribution

Until we have our world premiere we aren't able to make downloads available. Rewards for those donors who have pledged their support will be issued sometime in 2015 but we will keep you informed as soon as we have more news updates to share.

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Why did you support Addicted to Sheep?

Your support has really meant a lot to us. As we are gathering quotes about our approach to filmmaking we would like to know what motivated you to support us during our crowd funding campaign? What sparked your interest and how did you hear about our film? Your answers will help us to understand our growing audience so we are able to reach out to more like-minded people both nationally and internationally.

We would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to email us about your motivations for supporting Addicted to Sheep to Please also let us know if you are happy to be quoted in our general communications. If you prefer to remain anonymous please indicate that too.    

The #addictedtosheep Team

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