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May - August 2016 Edition

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The Power of 5 – Part 1

Take these 5 steps and feel better in 5 weeks!

1. Be present. Be aware.
Upon awaking, instead of hitting the snooze button or leaping right out of bed, take the time to consciously be aware of your surroundings before you get up. (This may be particularly grounding for those of you who are road warriors and in many different places in compressed periods of time over many weeks or months!)

Next, take 5 minutes to do a body scan to identify areas that may feel tight, uncomfortable, or painful. Are your shoulders up to your ears? Is your lower back in spasm? Then, consciously visualize unraveling the tight ropes your muscles have become from a lack of restful sleep, poor nutrition, unbridled stress, or lack of movement and stretching during the course of your day.
Bonus Resource to Consider: Minute Meditations by Jane Ehrman, M.Ed.
2. Be grateful.
Select at least one person/thing/opportunity/experience for which you are grateful and identify that about which your selection makes you thankful.
Bonus Idea to Consider: Keep a running list to create a “gratitude basket” journal, notebook, or online tracker to which you can refer on those days when everything seems set up to take you down emotionally or serve as a big roadblock in your plans.
3. Create a new habit by committing to one “microdenial” every 5 weeks.
We all have behaviors which we would like to break because we know they do not serve us well and which we would like to eliminate as a habit. It may be an extra cookie or glass of wine which we know we don’t really want and about which we may feel guilt later. It may be spending all our free time on the couch glued to the TV or not spending even a few minutes of free time in a quality way with our loved ones. What about the sugary drinks we ingest all day without even thinking or those times when we aren’t really listening to someone who wants or needs our attention in that moment and we’re just going through the motions?
Life is fleeting, and time is finite. Take steps now to deny yourself something which no longer benefits you or your relationships to make room for habits which help bring you meaning and joy and reduce the number of regrets you may feel when look back on your life.

Bonus Resource to Consider: The Power of No by James and Claudia Azula Altucher
4. Be kind and let someone know you care.
Pick one person each day or each week to whom you are going to provide a moment of kindness, joy, relief, encouragement, or support. It can be something as “simple” as:
  • make real eye contact, smile, and (genuinely) wish someone a good day
  • compliment an idea or recognize an accomplishment
  • ask a (genuine) “How are you?” and actually wait for the answer, and actually be interested in the response
Bonus Resource to Consider: Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges by Lori Deschene
5. Take 15 minutes a day to consciously breathe and flip on the “circuit breaker.”
Three times a day, take 5 minutes to deep breathe and get grounded again. Take a break from the emotional clutter and technological hyper-stimulation in order to sweep away the negative energy of others and the unhelpful negative self-talk you may be feeding yourself. Just close your eyes, breathe, and live in the now for 5 minutes.
Bonus Resource to Consider: The Power of Now…in 15 Minutes by Eckhart Tolle

Any suggestions you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Email me.

All the best,

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