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October - December 2015 Edition

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Evaluate to Elevate

Just not feeling it?  Know what you want, but can’t seem to get motivated enough to make it happen?

Now that we’re headed into the end of the year, perhaps it’s time to take stock of your current situation and marinate a plan for 2016.  Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished and set aside time to reflect and glean the lessons from that which did not go as you might have hoped.  Also notice what might have been fortuitous detours.

Here are some Tweaking Tips to help you on this journey called life and start the new year with greater clarity, calm, and authenticity.
  1. Gain insights about yourself and your relationships at:
  2. Take 12 Small Steps – slow and steady still gets you over the finish line.
  3. Be Less Stressed– It can start here.
  4. Learn from the secrets of centenarians across the globe living in so-called “Blue Zones.”
  5. Learn more about motivation from Daniel Goldstein and how to become more of the person you want to be:
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Be a Healthcare Rebel Blog

Did you know there is a NEW free 12-month program available on Colette's, "Be a Healthcare Rebel" blog? The program is entitled, "Take Small Steps." This program takes the stress out of getting rid of stress by providing baby steps to ensure success in achieving better health and wellness. You will find it here.


The 12 Journeys

Watch this inspiring video.
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What We Do

Sometimes life takes you on a detour. How many times have you set a goal only to be sidetracked? If you're ready to get back on course, PT is a health, wellness, and life -executive coaching service designed to help you make positive changes in your life. Whether it's finding your passion or managing a chronic health condition, we'll help you identify roadblocks, develop strategies to reach your goals, and stay focused.

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