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Bears in Excess is an event that started in April of 2012. The main purpose of the event is so bears, cubs, daddies, chubs, and their admirers who live in the Greater Toronto Area or the many visitors to our lovely city, can go to have some fun in a spa-like setting.

We currently have three events under the Bears in Excess name. The main event, Bears in Excess, is held on the third Sunday of each month. Bears in Excess: Leather Edition, a night where gay men into leather is on the first Tuesday of each month. Then, three times a year, we host a special event we call Chubs at the Tubs, which is a celebration of big handsome gay men and their admirers!

These events are done in conjunction with Spa Excess, but are not part of any bear group.

Tell your friends, and come and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, and frolic!!!

Model: Woofioso | Photo courtesy of Woofioso.

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Bears in Excess Newsletter

Issue 09 / 2014

I am very excited about our upcoming events! Now that the weather is getting a bit better, come down to Spa Excess and relax in the jacuzzi, or sit in the dry or wet sauna at our Bears in Excess events. Looking forward to the summer months when we can go out on the outdoor patio deck and catch some of those rays in the buff.

Join us for our March 30th CHUBS AT THE TUBS: SPRING EDITION where we plan to get all tangled up during a Twister competition.

On the 1st of April, we will be having BEARS IN EXCESS: LEATHER EDITION. Every second month, we will be having Master Tony, International LeatherSIR 2009 and Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2009 and HOTFF’s Man of the Year Award Winner 2012, give an interactive demo or talk on a topic of interest. This month's topic: fisting and assplay. He will focus on the various techniques and other safety issues when dealing with that area of the body, as well as some basic anatomy, so don't miss this informative and interactive demo.

Also, attend and you can win 2 tickets to the Spearhead Masquerade (Fantasy) Ball, the official victory party of the Central Canada LeatherSIR, Leatherboy & Community Bootblack Weekend, which will be held on Saturday April 19th. Master Tony will be donating a mentoring session to a lucky winner.

Then on April 20th, at our regular BEARS IN EXCESS event, we will be having a Best Thighs contest. If your thighs have ever received a compliment from someone, think about entering the contest. We will be looking at the thighs appearance, firmness and flexibility, and audience appreciation.
We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters, Urban Beard, Rough Trade, Spearhead,,, Proud FM, Master Tony,  and the wonderful staff of Spa Excess. As well as OCD Graphics, without whom our graphics would not be possible.

Please tell your friends about the events this month and go and check our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter (@bearsinexcess). Go and check the many pictures we have on our Tumblr profiles.

See you there!


March 30

From 3 to 7 PM

We have a lot of fun planned for our Spring Edition of Chubs at the Tubs. And if you are from outside of Toronto, get your butt down to T.O. for the weekend.Chubs at the Tubs is a celebration of big handsome gay men and their admirers!!!

Photo courtesy of Woofioso.
SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2014


Limited coupons are available for 50% off lockers. All you need to do is click on the links below to download the coupon for the event you would like to attend. If you have a smartphone, just flash the coupon at the cashier. If not, just print one out. 

Chubs at the Tubs | MARCH 30:



Leather Edition | APRIL 1:



Regular Edition | APRIL 20:


If you have any problems, feel free to email

April 1

From 7 to 11 PM

Although the event is called Bears in Excess: Leather Edition, it is mainly an event for people into leather, fetishes, and kink, but anyone is welcome to just come and have a good time. Our Leather Edition is regularly held on the first Tuesday of the month.

105 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5B 1M1
Phone: (416) 260-2363
Toll Free: 1-877-867-3301

Graphics by: OCD-Studios.


April 20

From 3 to 7 PM

We hope to see all you hot bears, chubs, cubs, and admirers at our regular event scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Photos courtesy of  Vinicius Pequeno | Model: Franco Pastura


Check this cool event on April 19, 2014, at the 2nd floor of Flash on Church Street.

Urban Beard

Thanks to Urban Beard for donating prizes for our Bears in Excess event in March.
For more info, please visit
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