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a white and pink and blue floral wallpapered ceiling, with a crystal light fixture and a tag hanging from it that says "not for sale," reflected in a mirror on the lefthand side of the image
"Not for sale"   

This week
A mantra:
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.
Pay no attention to the evil billionaire in the dick rocket.

I'm reading
"When Americans—often led by the marginalized—mobilized to get Trump out of office, that’s when the norm of complacence started to settle back in." Can face-to-face meetings between a victim and an abuser help a society overwhelmed with bad behavior? A dispatch from Xinjiang by the Uyghur poet Tahir Hamut Izgil: "One by one, my friends were sent to the camps." The club of the Female Founder was actually just one big circle jerk. These days, any house can inspire a bidding war. Beachfront land is returned to the Black families it was stolen from in the 1920s. How to write and think about a climate-change-ravaged planet. "Every big storm, every flood, every fire reminds you how the world almost seemed cheap before, but it was secretly precious." A letter from the eroding shores of Lakes Michigan and Huron. "One of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine." What's missing from the conversation about care work. The money-transfer industry is abandoning female migrant workers and the families they support. Transition is not linear. Remembering theorist Lauren BerlantProcessing a miscarriage with Buddhist practice. On trying to develop a different relationship to foodGMOs, reconsidered. Who owns the teen girl aesthetic? Aging into crystals. Our screenshots, ourselves.

Pie chart
How are we fueling our space travel fantasies? 40% with the crushed egos of vanquished billionaires; 20% maintaining irrational hope that Octavia Butler secretly completed the Earthseed trilogy and we will one day read book 3; 10% rewatching Cosmos (Sagan version); 5% asking Mae Jemison for a selfie; 25% psychedelics and Sun Ra
The Space Fantasies Pie
NB: I really did meet astronaut Mae Jemison once. I asked, through hyperventilation, if she'd take a photo with me. She informed me that she does not "do selfies," but we could have someone else photograph us in a more flattering manner. A moment!!

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I’m looking & listening
My conversation with Jessica Hopper about the expanded reissue of her First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic is up on YouTube for your rewatching pleasure. And CYG's ongoing Summer of Friendship has featured some great conversations lately between different pairs of friends, who have all been so forthcoming about their own ups and downs.

screenshot of a tweet by Michael Lieberman that says "summer of uncertain vibes" with an image of Philip Seymour Hoffman wincing on a boat, holding a beverage

I endorse
Closing out Disability Pride Month by...

The Classifieds

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