What a week for the Big Blue Misery Factory. An AR sunglasses hook-up with Luxottica followed by a new Portal (think Google Home Hub) product launch. Facebook launched the new Portal range globally with new and exciting ways to (not) invade your privacy (pinkie swear). No word yet on how many Facebook has you know the numbers are teeny tiny. Friday (also known as the best day to bury big/bad news) saw Facebook alert the world that the company has removed around 70,000 of apps from about 400 developers to date, as part of its investigation following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. If you worried if Facebook's privacy issues were bigger than initially feared, worry no more. The issue is many times worse and these are just the ones identified so far. 

Well at least they're telling us now, right? Wrong. Firstly, Facebook fought to keep this information secret. Secondly, the documents would have come out next week thanks to unsealing of documents in a new lawsuit so this 'announcement' is simply a way to spin it before Carole Cadwalladr and co slice and dice court documents. Facebook is also refusing to tell judges exactly what apps they were. Turned a corner though, right?

 DO   See the pattern. Facebook has big plans for the future of social interaction after creating/ruining the first everything will be private. Sure, Jan. New partners show the direction Facebook is going in and it's about covert data collection that only they have access to. ///    DON'T   Want to know more about Facebook's path? Get to TBD on December 6th for the real insight and what's next. 
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