March 2016

INZ will be holding their annual conference in Oamaru from Tuesday 5 April - Thursday 7 April. There will be a large exhibition component spanning the length of Wear Street with over 50 exhibitors.

Wear Street will be closed between 6:00am Saturday 2 April and 6:00pm Saturday 9 April. McKenzie & Co will be open for business as usual, but access to our office will be limited to foot traffic.
URGENT - we need your documents back, signed  

We urgently need any income tax returns and company or trust minutes signed and returned to us. Please arrange to do this today.


We put a sticker on the envelope of any mail we send you that includes documents that need signed and returned. Please sign and return these documents as the deadline for filing returns with Inland Revenue is fast approaching.

End of year records

It's hard to believe it is that time of year again! For those with a 31st March balance date, you will soon receive our blue forms asking for information. 

We send these out now as experience shows that it can be difficult to remember details after the event. We would love it if you could send them back by the end of April 2016.
IRD targeting the cash economy

Inland Revenue is using sophisticated business benchmarking to continue their crackdown on 'cashies'. Their focus is on undeclared cash in the construction and hospitality sectors.

If you are in the situation of having under-reported, or unreported income, now is a great time to straighten it all out. We want to help you make sure your returns are accurate and timely and, as far as possible, help you avoid penalties and the pain of having tax owing.

From 1 April, there are further changes to paid parental leave. The amount of paid parental leave that eligible people can take will be extended from 16 weeks to 18 weeks.

Parental leave payments will also apply to more workers. Eligibility will be extended to people in less- regular jobs, in particular to people who have recently changed jobs, seasonal and casual workers, and workers with more than one employer. 'Home for life' caregivers and people with similar permanent care arrangements will also be eligible. 

Minimum wage increase

The Government has announced that the adult minimum wage will go up by 50 cents to $15.25 an hour from 1 April 2016.

The starting-out and training hourly minimum wages rates will also increase from $11.80 to $12.20 per hour from 1 April 2016.

Further information here:

Please 'Finalise' your GST returns

A reminder... when you file your GST returns with the IRD, remember to 'Finalise' the return in your accounting software.

This means that the return is locked (cannot be edited), ensures the IRD have the same figures as your accounting software and saves us having to do adjustments later.
Upcoming tax dates

You may receive a letter directly from IRD reminding you to pay terminal tax due on 7 April. Please do not pay on the IRD payment advice. We will send you a separate payment slip, please use this one to submit your payment.

When is your tax payment deemed to be received on time?

By post
Payments posted to an Inland Revenue postal address, whether they have been posted from within New Zealand or from overseas, must be received on or before the due date.

Taxpayers may make payments electronically, including by internet banking. A payment will be received in time when it has been electronically paid or direct credited into an Inland Revenue account either on or before the due date.
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Need firewood? Support a great cause.

Dry Pine $60.00 / Cubic Metre including delivery to the Oamaru area.

This is a fundraiser for Mackenzie Sim (our after school helper) who is going to be doing Volunteer work in Fiji for Projects Abroad. All expenses incurred are to be covered by Mackenzie herself,  so please support this very worthy cause.

Please phone orders through to Fleur or Jennie on 03 434 7944.

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