Geelong can lead by becoming the first Victorian city powered by 100% renewable energy.
Dear Mik,

Yesterday we launched a cheeky Facebook campaign to raise awareness about the City of Greater Geelong’s Greenhouse Strategy Review. This is an important review that will set the direction Council will take to mitigate climate change effects across the region.

The review includes assessing public opinion through a quick online survey. It’s completely anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete. 
Have you completed the survey yet? Click the here to complete it now.

Here’s our Facebook post if you haven’t seen it.

We’ve been poking fun at the Mayor and the giant Christmas tree because we know that a 100% Renewable Energy Geelong can become a reality. It can be done with off the shelf technology like solar and wind, it will create jobs and investment in a new growth industry, and it would mean cheaper non-polluting power for us all. 

Why shouldn't we have a solar powered Christmas tree?

How about a solar powered Simonds Stadium?

Earlier this year our community was able to convince Council that it wasn’t a good idea to support fracking in our area. Unprecedented numbers of residents signed a petition and sent submissions to CoGG. Ultimately the Council voted unanimously to reject this damaging process. Now we have another opportunity - this time to help create a vision for the kind of place we want our kids and grandkids to grow up in.

Let’s make it happen AGAIN!

We think that Council should lead by example and aim to make Geelong a 100% renewable energy smart city. 

Can you complete the survey now?
Tell them that you want Geelong to become a 100% renewable energy city.

Our top three asks for Council are below - you can use these points to add to the survey or make your own comments and suggestions.
  1. We want Geelong to become a 100% clean energy city where all electricity, heating and cooling is supplied from renewable sources by 2030.* 
  2. We want the City of Greater Geelong Council to go carbon neutral by 2018.
  3. We want Council to support community renewable energy projects.
* Which means that we want the City of Greater Geelong Council to outline a 100% renewables plan for Geelong – just like Sydney, Uralla, and Lismore have done it in NSW, as have the Victorian towns of Yackandandah and Newstead – of how we can use local renewable energy resources, energy management and storage technologies to generate at least 100 per cent of the city’s energy needs. 

You can also help to get the word out about this important survey by - 
  1. Forwarding this email to your friends, family and colleagues.
  2. Sharing our post on Facebook and tagging your friends in the comments.
Thanks for your support. 

For a 100% Renewable Energy Geelong,

Dan from Geelong Sustainability
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