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Hola folks!!  Greetings from Juve, Sara, Ricardo, Jordan, Chapa, Daniel and all the gang here in Loreto.  Welcome to the first edition of what we hope to be our monthly newsletter.  We’d like to keep our friends posted on what is happening here in Loreto, and with Sea and Land Eco-tours activities and specials. Please unsubscribe if you do not want to recieve this newsletter.

This summer was not quite as busy as summers of the past.  The water didn’t  heat up much until the end of July.  This made for spotty Dorado Fishing and hazy diving.  Towards the end of the month things warmed up fairly well.  In August the Dorado catches were better and the diving is spectacular.  When your 40 feet down and you can make out the details of the snorkelers above, you know we have good visibility.  We had a great time this summer training folks to be Open water divers and Rescue divers.  If you are considering diving often the rescue course is a great cert to have under your belt.   The following are photos of some of our summer adventures.  Thanks to those who contributed photos.

Baja Fisherman Newsletter

As many of you know Ricardo contributes regularly to Baja Fisherman, Bloody Decks, and Western Outdoor News.  Here are some links to our summer fishing stories:

Baja fising report


Top left to right: 1.San Thelmo Arroyo (the big arroyo that seperates Loreto from Col. Zaragoza) in flood day 1 of the rains,2. Juve standing where the new road that connected Loreto to Col. Zaragoza used to be, 3. Enterance to Tabor Canyon (yes that's usually where we walk). 4.  Waterfalls just North of Tabor Canyon.

Never a Dull Moment!

Hurricane Ivo visited us last week for 2 adventurous days.  There was enough rain to flood Tabor Canyon, Send 400 foot waterfalls off the mountaintops and close roads.  It was also the second time in 24 years that the San Thelmo arroyo flooded.  As you can see, it will be awhile before we have the farmers market.

There’s been lots of local damage.  A home built on the levy wall was washed away, the road North was closed to trucks, and parts of Loreto did not have water for at least a week.  The road to San Javier was ruined (temporarily) and the cave paintings that are along the way were buried (conflagrations to the Naylors, we were some of the last folks to see them.)  There is talk of trying to un-bury the cave-paintings and hopefully they will be intact!
Local organizations such as Caritas are taking donations to help families who suffered flood damage.  Should anyone like details please contact us.  Tropical storm Juliette followed Ivo and gave us even more rain.   Now things are quiet we even had a little North wind yesterday.  We are all hoping no more flash floods!!

This months issue is floods and aftermath photos.  Next month we’ll  be sure to have pictures of the desert in bloom!



Baja 400 off road race

Sept 16th- Mexican Independance day


October is around the corner and with it our favorite  time of year for diving.  Good visiblity, Warm water, dancing Goby fish, oh my!!

 We will also be supporting a group of runners from Italy for “La Carrera de Baja” This will be 5 days of trail runs varying from 12-24k and totalling in 100k over a the week.  What a great way to enjoy the beautiful green "desert"!

November and December we are considering organizing some Mule trips to The Sierra de la San Francisco to visit the cave paintings.  Please let us know if you are interested.  The days are short, but warm and the desert will still be in bloom.  It should be amazing!

For more pictures or updates please visit our facebook page: Loreto Sea and Land Ecotours

Have you been out with us recently and had a great time?  Is there a memorable (positive) event you'd like to share?  More and more folks are finding us through the web.  Sites such as trip advisor are very useful.  Above is a link to a review form.  You do not need to be a member to fill out a review via this form.  If you'd like to take a moment to tell about a trip it would be greatly appreciated (talk to Juve about hookups on future trips though). 
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