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September - October 2013

Hola folks,
Welcome to round two of our Newsletter.  Thank you so much to everyone for your kind comments and feedback!  As mentioned before if you would not like to be on our subscriber list, please opt out.  If there is anything you would like more information about, please feel free to contact us. 

        FLOOD WATCH 2013
             "Actually the lack of sensationalism over the weather has been really nice." florida resident on vacation

As of last months issue Loreto had sustained some heavy localized rains throughout the area. Mainly over the area of San Javier and the San Thelmo watershed (The arroyo that runs through town).  We had feared that Ranchos and habitations along the way to the mision in the mountains had been wiped out. Fortunately most missed the floods and landslides.  Unfortunately the local cave paintings we visit on the way to the Mision were burried.  Local authorities are talking about hauling the granite rocks away and restoring the site, but where those rocks came from there’s an entire mountain of them still to come down. 

Here in town roads were fixed and finally we were finally  able to drive from the main part of Loreto over to colonia Zaragoza.  As you can see the lagoon now reaches all the way to the road!!  For now the farmers market has been moved high and dry into the Miramar neighborhood.  Local agencies are working to level the area out so that the farmers market can return to its original site.
It’s been a wonderful time to explore the mountains and see wildflowers, and vines in bloom.  We’re still keeping an eye out for cactus fruits.  
Since writing this article we were hit with another hurricane.  Loreto recieved about 10 inches of water directly over the town.  Now we have the honor of hosting a freshwater spring right outside our office doors.  Soon the taxis will be transporting folks in Gondalas.  
Top Left to bottom right: Wild flowers after the rains, Cactus emerging from the forest of greeenery, Rock slide near Las Parras, Cuevas pintas former site.


We've had some amazing visability this month!  Warm water and great conditions.  Things are cooling off (the water is 83F), and we've had a couple of windy days, but no matter its still great diving!  Juve had a great time with our friends this month diving with a pod of dolphins.  We've had good luck with them in this area.  To see the video on YouTube click here

The other day while looking for a lost mask we had a rather surreal experience.   I found what I thought was a tent and I brought it along with me for the duration of the dive.  During the 3 min safety stop I unraveled it to find it was actually a wedding dress?  Yikes!  Why was there a wedding dress on the bottom of the ocean?  It just goes to show you always see something new here in Baja.  
                                              THE CARRERA IS HERE!!!

Last week our friend Giorgio came all the way from Italy to start organizing all the logistics for the big upcoming run  October 21st. Tommorrow  Forty runners will be coming from all over the world  and local folks as well.  There will be 5 days of off road running.  Each days run will be in different location and different distances.  Afternoons will be be free for exploration and relaxation.  If you are interested in joining or learning more about this program and the runs that they sponser you can visit their website  They are a very safe, very professional group of event organizers and its great working with them.  More on the results of the run next month.  

One of the hot topics for many folks here in town.  As of October 10th here is where we stand with flights to and from Loreto:

Alaska Airlines:

Los Angeles (LAX)- Loreto (LTO) Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues as of Oct 27th they will be arriving at 12:08 local time.

Aeromexico:  Thursday and Sunday
Los Angeles (LAX)-Loreto (LTO)  leave 3:30 arrive 5:30 local time.
Loreto (LTO)-Los Angeles (LAX) leaving 12pm local time.

Aerocalafia: Thursdays and  Sundays
Loreto-Tijuana- leave 9:15am arrive 10:45am
Tijuana-Loreto- leave 1:20pm arrive 3:50pm
 In June Sara took this route home and it  was very easy, very clear crossing the borders in either direction.  Also it was very safe.  The only downside was that the wait to cross the border was 2 hours.  The shuttle was airconditioned and the shuttle driver was very helpful trying to get us ahead.  Not every day is as long.  For more details send us an email.
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A huge thanks to everyone who wrote a review on Trip Advisor!  We really appreciate the comments and the insight they provide to other travellers! 

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