Happy New Year, New Location, Whales, Mules
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Happy New Years folks!  Hope everyone enjoyed their "holidaze". Yes its February (Happy Chinese New Year?) and yes, its been a couple months since our last letter.  As you will read, we've been busy!!!
                                    SO LONG 2013!  HELLO 2014!

Over Christmastime we had the pleasure of diving with some great father and daughter duos. The pair from Norway reminded me of a family expression I often think of in our line of work.  The expression is “Takk for sist” When you encounter someone you’ve met before you use this expression. It translates to “Thanks for the last time we met”.  When folks return year after year, or even just email us a “hello” we remember the trips we’ve shared.  Our sentiment is nicely wrapped up in this lovely phrase.  So for all of you receiving this note “Takk for sist” and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you to everyone for your patronage, kindness, flexibility, and adventurous spirit!                          


Yes its official!  The home front and the office have changed location.  For those of you that have visited recently you know what a process this has been! The office is now located on the same street, however closer to the Plaza, 2 doors down from Café Ole.  Please stop by anytime from 9am-8pm. Should you find the office closed the house is also on the same street however 3 doors down (South) from the old office.  It’s the large yard full of pangas and every kid in the neighborhood running around them.  Hard to miss.


From left to top right and down: 1. Grey whale watching in Magdelena Bay 2.  Blue Whale Fluke 3. We're legit!  All of our pangas are permitted whale watching boats.
Whales are here!!!  Yes folks the moms and baby greys have made their migration south and are frolicking in Magdalena Bay.  Even though it’s early in the season, there are even some friendlies.  Our 15 passenger van can easily accommodate you and your family over to the Pacific for a day with the whales.  Leave the driving, logistics and food to us.
We also had our first official Blue Whale tour this week.  More and more the Humpbacks and Blues are making their way to the area.  Our staff has been attending meetings regarding the whale watching activities.  Learning information about the whales and helping form guidelines for all permitted operations to follow.  This makes whale watching a more enjoyable experience for both people and the whales (we hope).


April Mule Trips

The last two weeks of April Sea and Land is putting together two seperate mule trips to the Sierra de la San Francisco.  We leave from San Ignacio and head up into the mountains for an adventure!!  You can either hike or ride a mule along the trail.  The neat thing about riding the mule is that the mule does all the work while you take in the view!  We base camp for two nights in one location and then 2 nights in another location for the longer trip.  From base camp we do day hikes to some of the most amazing cave paintings in North America.  Along the way we enjoy the many springs and beautiful scenery.  Camp gear, food, mules, guides, English guide, and permits are provided.  You just provide your personal gear.  The dates are still flexible however we are aiming for a 5 night trip Monday April 21st - Saturday 26th, and a 3 night trip Monday April 28th-Thurs 01st.  For more details please contact us at:

Have you been out with us recently and had a great time?  Is there a memorable (positive) event you'd like to share?  More and more folks are finding us through the web.  Sites such as trip advisor are very useful.  Above is a link to a review form.  You do not need to be a member to fill out a review via this form.  If you'd like to take a moment to tell about a trip it would be greatly appreciated (talk to Juve about hookups on future trips though). 
Our mailing address is:
Sea and Land Eco-tours
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