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March Madness!!! What was that?

Thanks to all our regular groups and our new friends as well for making March the busiest one yet!  We had so many amazing trips and saw such wonderful things!  We couldn’t have done it without the continued support of our scheduled tour groups (you know who you are) and the lovely trusting individuals who put their vacations in our hands!  A huge shout out to the staff as well. They did such a great job sharing this amazing place with so much enthusiasm and care. 


Whale Sharks, Friends, and Nudibranchs!!
All creatures great and small, we got to see them all!!

Whale Watching Days 2014

We had a wonderful year for whales!  On the Pacific side we had a wonderful time playing with mamma and baby grey whales.  Here, in the Sea of Cortez we encountered many Blues, Fins, Humpbacks and even Orcas!  The ocean was thick with krill and all the creatures that are dependent upon it.  I knew we’d have a good whale season in early February when we went out diving.  The ocean was so green with plankton we couldn’t see 4 feet in front of us.  It was like diving in an emerald, the sea was thick with phyto-plankton the food source that supports the billions of tiny shrimp (krill) that in turn provide sustenance to the largest creatures on earth.  The dives were not a total loss, there were plenty of critters to see in and on the rocks and between the dives we saw the whales that had recently come into the area. 
The whales were earlier than usual this year.  This was in keeping with a pattern we’ve seen since last fall.  Winds came early, birds came into the area and started nesting early, fish came in or left earlier than usual, the water temperature started to go way down in November, not December (and writing this in April when the water is normally 58 degrees it’s 70 in some areas!  The whales were also in a different location this year.  Usually we find them south of Carmen and have to travel for at least an hour to get out to them.  This year they were just 40 minutes out, and North of Carmen.  In February we had 2 (instead of 15) windy days so the weather was amazing as well.  It was a treat to see so many feeding blue whales, fin whales and jumping Humpbacks (one came up so close we thought it would jump in the boat!!!).  Unfortunately with the early arrival came their early departure.  We were sad to see them go.  It’s always amazing to see these wonderful creatures.  To think we’ve cut their numbers so much that now there’s only an estimated 7000 (give or take) in the world.  Whenever I see one I feel so privileged that they come into this small corner of the ocean and we get to be near them.  
Thanks to everyone who shared this magical experience with us. For those of you who have not we hope you can next year.



Its official!!!  Yes folks our lovely Stella Maris is back in circulation.  We’ve taken out the old inboard motor and replaced it with a 250 outboard Yamaha (insert Tim “the toolman” Taylor grunting noises here).  So for those of you who’d like to go for a cruise in style (don’t get me wrong I love the pangas too) please ask.  The Stella is great for folks who’d like a smoother ride, need a bathroom option, have small children, or would like to be raised higher for photo options.  This Cabin cruiser comfortably holds 5 folks (7 if there are kids or the weather is gorgeous).  It has a small cabin and porta potty option.  For diving, most fishing, or larger parties, our pangas are still your best bet.  This is the boat that we first started with and we’re so excited to have her back and running.  Thanks to everyone who’s encouraged us to keep her over the years! 



Its April!!  That means Yellow-tail season!  Dorado have been seen around as well.  Enough of my run on sentences; here’s Ricardos fishing report!
The spring fishing season has raced in and hit hard. January and February fishing was complicated by the normal windy days and lack of live bait.  That's all over with the arrival of warmer water, warmer than normal for this time of year.  The mackerel have returned and our game fish have gone into the top water pre-spawning mode.  We passed right through the bottom fishing cold water period (with big sinkers and long drops). Fly lined baits for big yellowtail and trolled Rapalas and Mirrolures for big cabrilla.The big yellowtail are averaging five pounds heavier than last season.  Twenty eight pounds was a good fish last year, but this year we are getting 32 to 35 pound fish in the boat. The big news from Sara and her divers is the sighting of dorado and big ones on every trip.  The kayaking snorkeler crowd has been telling us the same; "big dorado breaking the surface, chasing bait along the coastline".We've had some marlin sightings, too,but everybody is out at Carmen Island's north end fishing for yellows(at least for now)!  Next newsletter will have dorado fishing news!

Stranded on a Desert Island Ain't so Bad After All!!

You should try it sometime!  Have you been to the lovely town of Loreto but want to explore deeper?  Looking for an adventure?  Looking for beautiful sunrises, wonderful kayaking and gaining 10lbs in one week?   Well maybe not the last part, but the food is so good you just might!  During the fall and spring seasons Juve and Sara also moonlight as guides for Sea Trek Kayaking and SUP Center based out of Sausalito California.  They offer five night day kayaking trips to the islands of Danzante and Carmen.  Trips are panga supported which means after paddling for a few hours each morning, you can sit back and enjoy a fresh cooked meal and cold beers!  Check out their website for more details about this wonderful kayaking trip available to folks of all ages and experience levels.

Specialty Tours

Now that the dust has settled from this Spring we are available to do more custom trips.  Sunset Cruises, Beach Barbeques, Wine and cheese orchard tours, group dives or certification courses, day trips to the Pacific Side.  You name it, we’ll make it happen……..we hope.

Have you been out with us recently and had a great time?  Is there a memorable (positive) event you'd like to share?  More and more folks are finding us through the web.  Sites such as trip advisor are very useful.  Above is a link to a review form.  You do not need to be a member to fill out a review via this form.  If you'd like to take a moment to tell about a trip it would be greatly appreciated (talk to Juve about hookups on future trips though). 
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