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Spring is springing here in the Northern Hemisphere! Here's The Heinlein Society's latest news.

from the Collection of RDML Caleb Laning
Scholarship Updates
By  Mike Sheffield

The window for submitting scholarship applications for the 2021 - 2022 academic year closed on April 1. This year we received a total of 379 applications - slightly higher than last year's 365. The scholarship committee is reviewing the applications and evaluating the essays. Winners will be announced on July 7. This year we will be awarding three scholarships of $3,000 each. As a reminder, our three scholarship are:
The Virginia "Ginny" Heinlein Scholarship (available only to female applicants)
The Dr. Yoji Kondo Scholarship
The Dr. Jerry Pournelle Scholarship
Many thanks to my scholarship team volunteers : Jason Aukerman, Carlin Black, Walt Boyes, Keith Kato, Rebecca Roberts, Geo Rule, Susan Seltzer, and Sharon Sheffield.
Here are some statistics on the applicants.
Female - 262
Male - 40
Other - 2
Decline to state - 1
No selection made - 74
Barbados - 1
Brazil - 1
Canada - 10
Dominican Republic - 1
Germany - 1
India - 1
Kazakhstan - 1
Kenya - 2
Mexico - 2
Mongolia - 1
Nigeria - 1
The Heinlein Journal Needs YOU!

The Heinlein Journal is seeking authors!
Do you have a neat Heinlein-related idea you thought you might write up in an academic manner some day? As a wise person once advised, put the seat of your pants in the chair in front of your keyboard and start!  (If you have some doubts about it, you can query first and we'll talk about it!  If you are unsure about the format, do not worry; we can clear that up too.) 
Reach out to:
Herb GIlliland, Editor, The Heinlein Journal
Website Updates

We merged our website into in early March! Members should have received an email about it. From now on you only need your user account at to download back issues or new issues. Any existing coupon codes you were emailed are still currently valid. New Heinlein Journal issues are a perk of any Regular or Lifetime Membership when you use your assigned coupon code, along with a discount on back issues.
On another note, many of you have existing membership renewals directly at PayPal. You may not realize, but by creating a user account at we are able to offer you more payment card options that also do not require a PayPal account (but you can also do PayPal there).  We are not forcing any kind of a switch at this time to keep convenience foremost to our members, with the added benefit of not driving Membership Chairman Ken Walters crazy managing many people with questions all at the same time.

We like Ken a LOT and try to keep him happy because he really tries to provide good service to you all.
Dear Heinlein Society,
  I have communicated with a few of your officers previously and enjoy learning about your activities from the website. You have a web page on the “Heinlein maneuver” where in 2013 David Nordley looked at a piece of orbital mechanics that appears in the Rolling Stones novel.
It may be of interest to your members that I have just published a paper in American Journal of Physics titled “High speed escape from a circular orbit” that provides a detailed analysis of the maneuver (usually called an Oberth maneuver), and I quote directly from the Rolling Stones. In the paper I do mention RAH’s association with Hermann Oberth, which I learned about from the society’s materials.
The paper has a narrated 2-min “video abstract” which is freely available at: The reference list and some additional videos are also open-access, but to get to the paper itself readers can access it (via PDF) on my co-author's website at the U.S. Naval Academy:
I have attached a conceptual picture [above], from the paper, of the Oberth/Heinlein escape as an example.
Best wishes,
Philip Blanco, Ph. D., Grossmont College

Worldcon Updates

By Keith G. Kato


2021: The committee for the 79th Worldcon in 2021, DisCon III, announced on 7 April 2021 (New Dates, New Hotel | DisCon III ( that they will proceed with an in-person in Washington DC, but will postpone the dates to 15-19 December 2021. Note this is the week before Christmas, with attendant higher cost issues of seasonal travel demands and limited hotel space.


DisCon III’s original main hotel, the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, has closed because of bankruptcy, which (as the committee explained) caused delayed this decision due to multiple legal issues involving not only financial obligations to the Marriott, but to other vendors. The main hotel will now be the Omni Shoreham Hotel (basically across the street from the Marriott), which has smaller capacity (834 guest rooms).


Room reservations will open in the very near future. In addition, there are multiple plans afoot to change membership status “to” and “from,” including a new Virtual Membership. The membership rates cited on DisCon III’s website are valid through 30 April 2021, and include “First Worldcon,” “Household” memberships, and installment payment plans. Attending the virtual CoNZealand in 2020 is not considered a “First Worldcon.”

2022: The 80th Worldcon in 2022, Chicon 8 (, will extend the due date for their Attending membership rates of $170 ($110 for “First Worldcon” attendees) to 31 July 2021. Attending CoNZealand likewise does not “count.”

Blood Drive Update

by Carlin Black, Blood Drive Chair
With Convention contributions to the blood supply on hold, Paying It Forward with individual local donations as often as you can is more important than ever. Please donate if you are eligible or encourage others to donate if you are not.  
Many members are sponsoring blood drives at churches and other venues to Pay it Forward in these difficult times. You and a couple of friends or family would be welcomed as coordinators by the Red Cross or your local blood center.  
We are encouraging frequent THS donors to inspire others to Pay It Forward with a blood donation by publishing a profile on the Heinlein Society Blood Drives Facebook Page
 High count donors, please send a profile and a donation selfie to!
THS Donors will will be recognized with an SF pinned Thank You card and ribbon on the Donor Wall. Send a donor selfie and USPS address to for recognition swag. You can credit a Con (or not) and any THS member is eligible!  Help us beef up the wall!  First time donors will be featured.

HELP WANTED! A Facebook user to engage with new likes on the Blood Drive Page to get them more involved with the Society and Paying It Forward through donating and recruiting donors. Email to learn more!


Watch The Heinlein Society Blood Drive Page on Facebook for more details!

Finding yourself shopping online more this year? Help us Pay It Forward by shopping at Designate The Heinlein Society as your recipient organization and we will get a donation for each purchase, cost-free to you. Last year, THS received $196.00 in donations through Amazon Smile!

This fiscal year, we’ve made 190 shipments already, totaling 2,825 books distributed. Since the program’s inception, we’ve sent 31,665 total books to our heroes.

The Heinlein For Heroes program (H4H) sends free books to troops, veterans, and military families. We send only to individuals or units that have requested SF material.  Clearly many of our military men and women WANT to read good science fiction, including Heinlein. To meet that demand, our shipments go around the globe, as well as to veterans’ hospitals here at home.
Contributions keep coming in, but your help is still needed. We need gently used paperbacks—and especially Heinleins, as we include Heinlein books in every shipment.
Money contributions are used to buy books wherever we find them (book dealers, eBay) at the right price.  But free is even better than cheap. Is an SF friend or neighbor downsizing? You can help them and help us!
You can send us books at:
Heinlein for Heroes
c/o John Seltzer
2906 Alvarado Dr.
Bellingham, WA 98229

Go to for information!
It's not an easy topic, but if you are an SF fan and you don't know who in your family would appreciate or understand the value of a signed book or significant collection when you are gone--the Heinlein Society will be here. As a U.S. 501(c)3 charitable organization your estate could realize tax your items or money will go to a cause you cared about in your lifetime as a member. If you are interested to know more about this topic, check out
H4H Thank Yous
Good Morning,

I would like to give thanks to the following individuals for sending in
books for myself and the soldiers in my unit:

Carol Harold
Joy Ostaffe
The Heinlein Society
Donan Berg
Kim Cremer

These books will be put to good use.

Greatly Appreciated,

Emerson T. Thayer
Hello Toni G, Stephanie and the Awesome Folks of Operation Paperback,

I’m with the 67th FRST and we have received some boxes from your organization. We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for the books and cards you have sent. Our whole team has been so exciting to look through them all and start reading! Thank-you again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

CPT Ryan Sinteff
Operation Paperback,

Thank you very much for the variety of books you have sent to my soldiers over this deployment.  The soldiers have truly enjoyed the books and shared them with others throughout theater.

We are now preparing to head back home and any further packages may get lost in the mail or potentially redistributed.  We will share your mission with future deploying soldiers.

Thank you again!

Stephanie Meilleur, DVM, CCRP
Executive Officer, 422nd Medical Detachment Veterinary Services
Operation Freedom's Sentinel/Resolute Support Mission
U.S. Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A)
Questions about your membership or automatic renewal? Please contact Ken Walters at
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