December 2013 Newsletter

Thank You Members and Supporters!

Heinlein For Heroes Passes 1000 Books Sent

Our thanks to all those who have donated books and money to Heinlein For Heroes: Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support of H4H. Following our appeal for help, you stepped up!

Many people sorted through their collections and sent us good condition Heinlein paperbacks and hardcovers, and other science fiction titles. We've even received shipments of new books sent directly from There weren't names of the donors with some of those shipments, so a huge thank you here to whoever sent those!

All of these donations have made it possible for us to send over 1000 books in time for the holidays. So far 202 other science fiction books and 273 Heinleins have been donated. Plus we have purchased 2,100 books from Michael’s Books in Bellingham, WA.  And we’ve purchased 87 more Heinleins from Ebay. A total of 252 Heinleins and 748 other science fiction books have been distributed. We're gathering more names and addresses of service members and their families to send even more.

See more about Heinlein For Heroes, and learn how you can help, at: Please keep the H4H donations coming. THANK YOU!!!

100% of donations to Heinlein For Heroes are tax deductible; if you need a receipt for tax purposes and haven't yet received one, please email
Donated Heinlein books packed and ready to go

A Thank You for H4H books: "I am the Family Readiness Officer for 3rd Medical Battalion here in Okinawa, Japan.  We received some books from you this week.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the books and for thinking of us and taking the time out of your personal lives to support us and others. It’s nice to know that you think of us even though we are so far away.  Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you to you, your families, and your friends for all the support."

USNS Pomeroy sends thanks: With their thanks for the books received, they said the books have been placed in the reading/dining room for all to enjoy.

Books packed and ready to go

Herb Gilliland, H4H program Chairperson, reports he gave a Heinlein hardback to one of his Plebes. The young man is Caleb Laning’s great grandson. Laning and Heinlein were lifelong friends.

In another tie from past to present, Michael's Books of Bellingham, WA is providing books for the H4H program. On the 15th he found 28 Heinleins in an estate sale. He also found a letter from Heinlein to a fan. The fan, a Marine CWO owned the 28 books. That fan is gone now, but his Heinlein books, that he said helped him through life, are now back in service, having been re-circulated by the H4H program.
Photo courtesy of the
Heinlein Prize Trust

Heinlein Selected for Hall of Famous Missourians

The Kansas City Star reports today that Robert Heinlein was selected for inclusion in the Hall of Famous Missourians. "The public also opted for science fiction writer Heinlein. He was born in Butler, and his works include "Starship Troopers," "Stranger in a Strange Land," and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress." Heinlein received more than 10,000 votes," the Kansas City Star said.
From the Virginia Edition Publishing Company, an update and teaser for the upcoming Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel:

Closing in on the first act of COTG; the hardest part is condensing all of Heinlein's amazing concepts and rich imagery and not losing sight of his vision.
The Virginia Edition Publishing Company is a proud supporter of the Heinlein Society's Heinlein For Heroes Program.

Samuel R. Delany Named Grand Master

The SFWA has named Samuel R. Delany, Jr. (1942– ) as the 2013 DAMON KNIGHT MEMORIAL GRAND MASTER for his contributions to the literature of Science Fiction and Fantasy. More at

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