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The Heinlein Society
You don’t want to miss out on this year’s drawing for a Virginia Edition, so if you haven’t renewed, now is the time!  If your membership has lapsed, it’s not too late to re-join!
For the third year in a row, the Society will raffle off a complete set of the Virginia Edition in September 2019.  All you have to do is join or stay a member!   A $45 Regular membership is all it takes to enter. 
Eligibility: “Regular” members who join or renew their membership on or after 9/1/2018 and before 8/31/19, as well as “Lifetime” members, will be eligible for a random drawing for a “Virginia Edition” collection of Robert A. Heinlein’s entire published works.  “Supporting” and “Honorary” members are not eligible.  Our previous winners are also ineligible.

Scholarship Winners Announced

The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 – 2020 academic year scholarships. Take a look at our Scholarships Page for the full list of winners and finalists. Congratulations to all of them!

Voting Opens August
As required by Article VI, Section 2, of the Bylaws of The Heinlein Society (, and ratified by the Board of Directors on 14 April 2014, electronic voting of the General Membership of The Heinlein Society for the Board of Directors will be done using the  website. The poll will open on Friday, 11 Aug 2019, at Midnight Pacific Daylight Time and close on Sunday 24 Aug 2019 at 1159 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Voting instructions will be sent to the General Membership with specific instruction to the website, passwords and other general instructions, before the ballot opens. 


/s/Betsey Wilcox

Chair, Nominations Committee

The Heinlein Society

Annual Membership Meeting

As required by Article IV, Section 1, of the Bylaws of The Heinlein Society (PDF file at, the Annual Meeting of the General Membership of The Heinlein Society will convene on Sunday, 8 September 2019, beginning at 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. If you are in a different time zone, you are encouraged to make use of the “World Clock” internet sites to double-check (including the use of Daylight Savings Time) the start time in your area. You will receive further communications from us before September 8th with the details how to attend online. The email distribution and website posting of this Notice satisfy the requirement of timely notification in Article IV, Section 4.


/s/ Geo Rule

President, The Heinlein Society

THS 2019 Board of Director Nominations are open!

The nominating period for Board members for the 2019 election is now open. The Board has three (3) seats up for election with two sitting Board members, Joe Haldeman and Beatrice Kondo, agreeing to run for re-election. In addition, you may nominate any THS member in good standing or nominate yourself to fill any of these seats on the Board. The Nominating Committee will verify membership status and willingness to serve with each nominee. Nominations will be open until 27 Jul 2019 at 11:59pm PDT. Please supply a short bio to include what you hope to do or will continue to do for THS if elected and a photograph suitable for inclusion on the ballot. 
Voting will be done electronically and members will be sent an email with instructions and a link to the host website when voting opens. Voting begins 11 Aug 2019 and will remain open for 2 weeks. Watch your email for official notification, and instructions on the voting process. In the meantime, if you would like to nominate a member of The Heinlein Society to the Board of Directors (including self-nomination), please send replies to

Name of Nominee ____________________________ 
Your Name __________________________________ 
Thank you in advance for your participation. 
Betsey Wilcox 
Chair, Nominating Committee 

2019 World Science Fiction Convention Activities

By Keith G. Kato

The 2019 World Science Fiction Convention (the “Worldcon”) will convene from 15-19 August 2019 at the Convention Centre Dublin in Dublin, Ireland.  Details can be found at the Worldcon website, .  Should you get the urge (and hit the lottery) to attend at the last minute, as with previous European Worldcons there is no central hotel, and housing close by might be difficult/expensive to find.  

The Heinlein Society will have a small presence in Dublin, primarily another Information Table, and, as always, we're bringing ribbons! If you'd like to check out our unique-for-2019 designs, come check out our table. There will be no Heinlein-related program items, but our friend Jason Aukerman of The Center For Ray Bradbury Studies will be on a panel about his Center.

We urge all Society members and friends to come to our Information Table as soon as you can when the Worldcon opens on Thursday 15 August, and not just to get Heinlein swag.  As we write this article, we're still planning a reception/party. Come by the Table to get any last minute information, the location, and secret password!

Unofficially, on Wednesday 14 August, a group of THSers will attend the famous Irish dancing show “Riverdance” at the Gaiety Theatre.  We plan to gather for dinner at 5:30 PM, with a 7:30 PM curtain. The principal bloc of tickets has already been purchased; latecomers can buy their tickets through , although you must create an Irish Ticketmaster account.  There are plenty of tickets remaining. Contact for information about seat locations and dinner RSVPs.


The Heinlein Society and The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies

The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, a collaborative peer institution of The Heinlein Society, houses a unique and extensive collection of Ray Bradbury's personal effects—more than 18,000 pounds of Bradbury's published and unpublished literary works, letters, books, furniture, awards, artwork, and more. The Center is a key component of The Institute of American Thought in the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, and hundreds of students, SF fans, and aficionados of American literature annually visit the Center for tours—the biggest draw being the reconstruction of Ray Bradbury’s Los Angeles basement office with entirely original artifacts.

Just as The Heinlein Society is focused on advancing Heinlein’s worthy causes, the Bradbury Center’s mission is tied to Bradbury’s four principal causes: 

  • Promoting First Amendment Rights, focusing particularly on challenging censorship and supporting the “freedom of imagination.”

  • Preserving public libraries.

  • Celebrating the precious gift of literacy—humanity’s greatest technological achievement.

  • Advocating for space exploration.

In 2016, the Center's materials were taken out of long-term campus storage and put on display in a small suite of rooms (totaling just 1,500 square feet) on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus. The current location of the collection poses serious challenges for preservation and public accessibility, but the Bradbury Center folks are hoping to address these issues in the coming years. The Center recently launched a $2.4 million fundraising campaign for a facility expansion and renovation that will allow the Center to effectively triple its size and become a nationally-recognized museum, archive, and outreach center dedicated to preserving and advancing the humanities legacy of Ray Bradbury.

Ph.D. candidate, Jason Aukerman, was recently promoted to Managing Director of the Bradbury Center as the current director, Dr. Jonathan Eller, begins a phased retirement. Aukerman is looking forward to finding ways for the Bradbury Center to collaborate with THS. Aukerman writes, “THS and the CRBS are different organizations yet both hold similar values and missions—namely, preserving the legacies of authors whose impact on 20th century American culture is too often ignored or understated. Both organizations can benefit from working together.”


by Carlin Black, Blood Drive Chair

Upcoming Blood Drives: Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN. Aug 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Silicon Valley Comic Con, San Jose, CA.  Aug 16th,17th,18th. See for details.

The Heinlein Society needs new blood drive coordinators in many areas of the country. If you or someone you know could Pay It Forward by spending a weekend or a day at local cons coordinating blood drives please let us know at The job is full time during the drive and duties include recruiting volunteers and donors, scheduling donors, and scheduling volunteers for the inside table. If you're already a THS member, awesome! If you'd just like to help out and you're not a member yet, no problem.

The Society and the Blood Center will provide posters, handouts, banners, pins, and ribbons. The society will also do most of the pre-Con arrangements with the blood center and the ConCom.

Comic Cons and Gaming Cons are prime candidates for blood drives, so your time off from volunteering can be entertaining. Generally, a con pass is usually part of the deal for the coordinator and pre-arranged Blood Drive volunteers.

 Help us share the Pay It Forward mission!
Watch The Heinlein Society Blood Drive Page on Facebook for more details!

This fiscal year, we’ve made 345 shipments, totaling 4,131 books distributed. Since the program’s inception, we’ve sent 23,321 total books to our heroes.

The Heinlein For Heroes program (H4H) sends free books to troops, veterans, and military families. We send only to individuals or units that have requested SF material.  Clearly many of our military men and women WANT to read good science fiction, including Heinlein. To meet that demand, our shipments go around the globe, as well as to veterans’ hospitals here at home.
Contributions keep coming in, but your help is still needed. We need gently used paperbacks—and especially Heinleins, as we include Heinlein books in every shipment.
Money contributions are used to buy books wherever we find them (book dealers, eBay) at the right price.  But free is even better than cheap. Is an SF friend or neighbor downsizing? You can help them and help us!
Go to for information on where to send books or money.
Thank you Kathy and Leon Sands!
Kathy and Leon Sands gifted The Heinlein For Heroes program with 3,426+ books!  Kathy and Leon are long time SF supporters in the Baltimore area having operated book stores from 1977 to 1997.  Kathy’s bookstore was known as Tales from the White Hart which was located at 2412 N Charles St. in Baltimore, MD.
Thank you Baen Books!
We're happy to announce that the Baen Books Publishing Company has gifted The Heinlein For Heroes program with free books for a second time donating 240 hard cover copies of BEYOND THIS HORIZON!
Thank you for all the books that have and are still coming in.
Jackie Connors
Voluntary Service
VA Medical Center
Syracuse, NY
I would like to thank The Heinlein Society, First Presbyterian Church in Michigan, Merrill Kalman, and Susan Cheney for the wonderful books they have sent. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without their selfless donations. 
Christi Millaway 
Volunteers of Operation Paperback, 
Just wanted to drop you a line again and thank you from the bottom of our family's heart for the books. They brighten our veteran's (and often the rest of the family's) days to receive and get to escape through reading. Our son is starting to help daddy read them, and it has become a bonding experience to go through them and start to read the ones that are appropriate for children together. Its lovely to have him be able to have adult time and pass recovery through books as well. Thank you for all you do!
Megan, Tillman, and Teddy Gamble
All permanent membership cards for those who became members on or before September 15th, 2017 have been shipped! Please contact Ken Walters at if you have not received yours.
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