November 2013 Heinlein Society News and Updates:
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Blood Drives

So successful have Heinlein Society blood drives become, especially with the addition of DragonCon, we're running short of funds to buy blood drive pins for each donor. The pin was designed by Robert Heinlein and means, "Science Fiction has a heart." Every year we spend about $5000 on pins and donor cards, and this year we're falling short. Of problems to have, this is one of the best! Still, following the tradition started by Robert Heinlein, himself, we want to keep on giving every person who donates at Heinlein Society-sponsored blood drive to get this pin. If you can help us buy pins, stop by the Blood Drive page on our website and donate what you can. Even a few dollars buys several pins. Money donated through the link on our Blood Drives page will go only to support blood drives. Thanks for your support and Paying It Forward in the best tradition of Heinlein and the science fiction community.

Heinlein For Heroes Donations Continue!

Immediately after our last newsletter a number of members made substantial donations to H4H. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Thanks to these donations, we were able to sign an agreement with a Bellingham, Washington bookstore to get as many as 2000 science fiction paperbacks to send to troops and their families. Shipments of these books are being readied right now and will be sent to the first of our list of recipients in the next few days. These books join the 2050 Heinlein books the Heinlein Prize Trust has donated.

October 22, 2013, the Virginia Edition Publishing Company made the exciting announcement that as their holiday promotion of the Virginia Edition of the Complete Works of Robert A. Heinlein they would donate $110 worth of Heinlein books to H4H or to the library of the buyer's choice. Read more about this offer at

We can use help with shipping costs and postage. Initial shipments of books are going out in many small batches, which increased the per-book shipping cost over our original estimates. Join our growing list of supporters. Contribute through the PayPal link on our site. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. All money raised goes directly to the Heinlein For Heroes program, to purchase books and pay for shipping costs.

And Heinlein Society members... keep your eyes open for good quality used Heinlein paperbacks. It should be no surprise, but Heinlein books are a bit scarce and pricy. If you can gather some Heinlein paperbacks at a good price, or as a donation, please email and let us know. We'll tell you where and how to send them. We'd like to add them to the shipments of science fiction books we're preparing. As always, no one involved in H4H is paid in any way other than with the joyful knowledge that we’ve helped PAY IT FORWARD!.

A new Heinlein Society website feature...

Heinlein Quotes have been added to our website. Oh, yes, you've seen the same tired old quotes floating around the Internet for ages, but these aren't those! We're mining odd corners of Heinleindom and the online Heinlein Archives to bring you some intriguing new tidbits of Heinlein! We'll be adding more steadily, so stop in often.

Stop by and read our quote rotator.

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