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Society Director John Seltzer worked with THS member and Disney employee Will Hamilton to submit the necessary paperwork to the Disney donation program to qualify the Heinlein Society for Disney matching funds.  Now Disney will match Disney employee donations to The Heinlein Society. 

Does your employer have a matching charitable donation program for employees?  That’s a program where they (the employer) will match the employee’s donations to pre-qualified charities.  It’s a way to help the charities you support.  Do you have a payroll deduction program to donate to charities where you work?  If so can you recommend the charities that are part of the program?  Please contact us at if your company has such a program and you’ve either already added us as a valid recipient, or you need help from us in doing so.




Apparently it will be coming on the market soon, and the owner is interested in giving RAH fans “first shot” before listing it. Please contact us, and we’ll put you together.  Serious inquiries only, please!

As we informed you in the last newsletter, THS dues are going up for all yearly Regular Membership renewals after 3/31/2016.  Supporting Memberships are staying the same for now, however.  The Board has also provided for two ways for current Regular Members to “beat the increase”. Firstly, you can become one of our first “Life Members” for the low, low cost of only $750. You can’t be the first one though, as we’ve already had several THS members choose this option (and Thank You! to them). But you can be one of the very first, and that’s cool too, right?  Or, alternately, you can go to our Paypal buttons at, or your Paypal account (email payment to, and send us as many multiples of $35 as you like ahead of the increase date (remember, it has to be no later than 3/31/2016), and we will credit you the appropriate number of years at the OLD rate (Pro Tip: Prepaying more than 21 years that way probably isn’t in your best interest – did we mention we have a new Life Member option for $750? Well, we do. Heckuvadeal.).  But you don’t have to do either of those, you can just wait for your regular renewal date and send us the new amount of $45 and we’ll still be very proud to call you one of us dedicated to the Heinlein legacy and “Pay it Forward!”.

THIS NEXT PART IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Those of you who are currently set up to do recurring annual payments with Paypal need to have those cancelled, and if you want them redone at the new $45 rate (again, only for after3/31/2016), then you’ll need to do that too. We’re currently exploring if we can cancel them all automatically through Paypal so the wrong amount doesn’t pull from your account, but that is as yet unclear. And we don’t currently have an option to automatically set up a new one for you at the correct amount. We’re also examining if we can do a button specifically for that (annual recurring at $45) on our website for some time in March, closer to the deadline. FOR NOW, the important point is you want to police any automatic recurring from Paypal to THS yourself. We’ll be communicating in March to those of you we understand or can see thru Paypal have automatic recurrings setup. Belt and suspenders should be the order of the day on this one, and while we intend to be as helpful as we can, we strongly advise you to take an active hand yourself in monitoring your Paypal recurrings as well.


Death Star PumpkinArisia 2016, working in conjunction with Mass General’s Blood Donor Center had the fantastic total of 146 presenting, 36 deferred, and 110 units donated. This was very much needed, especially in January. (Pictured: a happy blood donor at Arisia.)

PantheaCon in San Jose we had nearly 100 presenting, and 70 units donated.  

In March we hope to be at the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con March 19-20 and will be at WonderCon March 25 - 27.  

If anyone is attending a Con where Heinlein would be a draw (Time Enough For Love was dedicated to the Rare Blood Club) and wants to help set up and run a blood drive, please email and we will do all the hard coordination and scheduling work.  All you would have to do is set up the table and direct people to the drive.  Invite your friends to help, but con attendees frequently volunteer for short shifts at the table.  They attract a crowd which helps in recruiting. Help at an existing drive is always welcome, I can hook you up.  

If you live near San Francisco and are interested in helping with blood drives please, PLEASE get in touch! We have more than we can handle here, and need your help!

Also of note: there have been significant changes to donation rules, so if you previously could not give blood, or have friends who could not give blood, now’s the time to review the changes!

Some of the updates to the blood eligibility requirements:
  • Currently inactive Men Who Have Had Sex With Men (MSM) and their partners are now (or soon) able to donate.
  • The medication deferral list has been modified. Blood pressure meds are no longer deferred. 
  • Controlled diabetics are now able to donate. 
  • Tattoos (from most states -- check the list) and piercings are no longer deferred.  
  • Superficial skin cancers once removed are no longer deferrals.

Some information pertaining to the 2016 World Science Fiction Convention, “MidAmeriCon II” in Kansas City for interested Heinleiners planning to attend:
  • Heinlein Exhibit for the Hall of Famous Missourians.  The sculptor E. Spencer Schubert tells us the hard plaster Artist’s Proof has been cast and inspected, and will be held until after MidAmeriCon II for delivery to an already-committed purchaser. Spencer also says the bust mold is at the foundry for the bronze casting. The black marble “Uba Tuba” Pedestal has been completed by Carved In Stone, who will store the pedestal until Spencer Schubert picks it up. The only item not finished is the plaque for the exhibit.  We are awaiting approval to our wording from the Missouri House of Representatives.
  • Room reservations are now open for the various Worldcon hotels.  You must book your room via the “Passkey” system accessible here, although you need not be registered for the convention. It is recommended that you reserve your room as soon as possible; a credit card is needed to “hold” the reservation, but the card will not be charged only when (or if) you arrive. Even if you decide at the last minute not to attend, the reservation can be cancelled before some time window before your arrival date. BUT DON’T FORGET TO CANCEL OR YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED.
  • Nominations for the Hugo Awards are also open until March 31, 2016.  To nominate you MUST be at least a supporting member of the Worldcon to obtain a PIN for online voting (register here: ), although an attending membership is required to (of course) attend. 
  • Of special interest, and for your consideration as a Heinlein fan, in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form is Predestination by The Spierig Brothers, the excellent adaptation of the Heinlein short story “All You Zombies.” 
The winners among the candidate stories would have been presented at the 1941 Denver Worldcon for stories published in 1940.  When you realize that Heinlein’s first story, “Life-Line” was published in 1939, and by that same 1941 Worldcon he had published a sufficient backlog of stories to warrant his Guest of Honor status in 1941, then he “made his bones” during 1940.  The Hugo categories and Heinlein stories are as follows:
Short Story (Less than 7,500 words):
  • "Let There Be Light" (as Lyle Monroe) (c. 6000 words)
  • "Requiem" (c.6200 words)
  • "Successful Operation" (aka: "Heil!") (as Lyle Monroe) ("short-short")
Novelette (7,500-17,500 words):
  • "The Roads Must Roll" (14,270 words)
  • "Blowups Happen" (c. 17,468 words) (Later revised)
Novella (17,500-40,000 words):
  • "If This Goes On—" (c. 32,380 words).  Later revised c. 1953
  • "Coventry" (c. 19,041 words)
  • "Magic, Inc." (aka: "The Devil Makes the Law") (35,356 words)
As a practical matter, nominating ALL the stories would dilute the final vote, and of course even the great Heinlein produced a continuum of stories.  There is also the matter of not re-visiting the “Sad Puppies Slate” controversy of the 2015 Hugos which engendered much ill will. FOR MORE ON THE SELECTION OF STORIES, READ THE POST HERE BY DR. MARIE GUTHRIE >> 


Our two pre-existing scholarships will be increasing to $1,000/each (previously $750/each), and there will be a new third scholarship honoring Virginia Heinlein reserved to young women majoring in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field. Any applicant eligible for the Virginia Heinlein award will be entered into it automatically, and if she does not win that one, her application will be considered for the other two pre-existing awards (which include “Science Fiction as Literature” as a qualifying field of study as well).

We’ll finalize the details and application process with an announcement in early March, but the tentative schedule is:

  • Early March — Application process opens
  • May 15 — Application process closes
  • July 7 (Robert Heinlein’s birthday) — Winners announced



The Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) has announced that Kim Stanley Robinson will be the recipient of the 2016 Heinlein Award, “For outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings to inspire the human exploration of space”. The award was founded in 2003, with Ginny Heinlein and Michael F. Flynn as the first recipients. The awardees are determined by an independent committee originally formed by Dr. Yoji Kondo, a former Board member of the Society, and the current committee is chaired by Michael Flynn and includes current THS Board member C. Herbert Gilliland, Ph.D.

As SF fans will recognize, Mr. Robinson is a worthy recipient, with many “hard” SF titles to his credit, including his most famous, the Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy. His most recent novel, published in 2015, is Aurora and is about a generation ship on its way to Tau Ceti. THS congratulates the committee and Mr. Robinson on the award.

For the last several years, THS and its members have supported BSFS in administering and organizing the awards ceremony, most recently by increasing our yearly grant to $1,000 as of the 2016 award.




Please consider a donation to The Heinlein Society.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and 100% of your donation will go to our program operations; no one in the Society is paid a salary, nor are travel and other expenses compensated.  You can designate your donation to our general operating fund, or specifically to a program of special interest to you, such as Blood Drives, Education, the Heinlein Award (in partnership with Baltimore Science Fiction Society), our annual Scholarships (recently expanded to three!), or Heinlein For Heroes among others. 
While we appreciate all of our members paying their dues (and wouldn’t be here without you!), the simple math of the matter is we cannot maintain the level of services and programs we do on an annual basis with ONLY membership dues.  In any given year, only approximately one half of our total income to support all these great programs comes from membership dues.  This means—every year—we need to find an additional $9,000 or so in non-membership dues income every year to keep great programs like this going at current levels. Many of you have met that challenge in the past with donations above and beyond your annual dues –we hope you will continue to do so.
And so, we ask you in this holiday season of being thankful for all the great things in all of our lives, to please consider providing extra support to THS as well so we can continue to add to the legacy of Robert and Virginia Heinlein.
Our tax ID number is 76-0660576.  Thank you for all you do to “Pay It Forward.”



9146 Books Sent So Far!

The Heinlein For Heroes program has passed 9000 books sent to troops, veterans, and military families.

Contributions keep coming in, and your help is still needed.

Go to for information on how you can help.

Blood Drives

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