Abundance Through Giving

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As the end of the year approaches, please consider donating to Gather the Women of Nevada County. We know many non-profit organizations ask for your donations at this time.

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Here’s why we think you should consider our request today. 

Women are celebrated for their ability to take care of others. We are trained to help, aid, nurse, educate and take care of everyone’s needs before our own. Women are excellent at giving, but they generally must learn how to receive. The Universal Law of Prosperity and Abundance is part of the cycle of life. It is the circle of giving and receiving that we continuously practice in our circles. 

At the basis of abundance is the concept that what we give we will receive if we are open to the gift. If you give time, you will receive time in return. Therefore, if you host a circle to empower women, you empower yourself in all aspects of your life. If you volunteer 8 hours at a shelter, then you will find you have 8 hours in your life to share with your family, friends, or animals. 

This year Gather the Women Nevada County experienced a reduction in our usual donations and an increase in overhead costs. This was caused by many factors including the increased contributions and focus on political awareness and gifts to other non-profit aid organizations for areas devastated by hurricanes. Locally, the damage caused by the fires and losses incurred because of displacements, personally affected many we know. In order to continue our dedication and service to the empowerment of women we need your donation.

By giving money to organizations that empower us spiritually or emotionally, money will flow into our lives and continue to empower us personally, politically and spiritually. This money may come in unexpected ways. You may receive a windfall from an unanticipated source: a bonus, an insurance refund, a Christmas gift from an unexpected friend, win a raffle, goods, a trip, etc.    

Open your mind and heart to the gifts when you give financially and watch the abundance stream into your life. Receive them with recognition and gratitude and they will continue to flow into your life.  Whenever I find myself running short of funds, I start giving more money away and the money begins to flow again.

Gather the Women of Nevada County is a non-profit organization that supports and empowers women throughout the year. If we have contributed to your personal growth and empowerment, please donate to this 501(c)3 organization. We encourage you to make an ongoing monthly donation of $5-$10 a month or a single one-time donation, whichever is right for you. Your support matters to all the women of Nevada County. An Evergreen gift is a wonderful way to give. It provides steady support for GTW and reduces paper use.  Most donations are tax deductible. Please check with your tax adviser.

Ariann Thomas
Steering Wheel Member

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Empower Other Women Like You
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