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We're walking to Jerusalem again this year and hope to be there by Holy Week.  Along the way, we're encouraged to pray, meditate, reflect not only on each step, the marvelous way this body of ours works, but on the Spirit of God who leads and guides, empowers and even goads us when we need it.

No, we're not literally "walking" to Jerusalem but by adding together the steps done each day by members (and friends) of our three faith communities (Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist) we'll complete miles - many miles to cross the east coast of this country, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe . . and eventually into Jerusalem.  Gloria, our Parish/Network Nurse, cheers us on, encouraging physical movement and spiritual growth.

Deep breaths not only refresh the lungs but gather in God's Spirit/breath/wind, ruach, to fill us and power us as we propel that breath/wind/Spirit out
 again to benefit the world around us.

Efforts by the whole community: some do many, many steps, others just a few.  Efforts involving the whole person, body and spirit, energy and pause.  Efforts aiming toward wholeness . . . and wellness . . . and  abundant life.  A Lenten/spring gift indeed!

Rev. Ellen Arthur
HMA Member
Saint Stephen Lutheran Church
Antioch Area Healthcare Access Alliance
Antioch, Illinois


Serving the Under-served...Diabetes Classes for the Hispanic Community
"Ann Baker is a Faith Community Nurse in Watsonsville, CA working with faith leaders, health providers, and the local Hispanic community to provide diabetic education.  Ann attended the 2013 HMA conference in Lake Tahoe to learn about more HMA and connect with others doing similar faith and health work."
Tom Pruski, HMA Director for Health Ministry

 Ann Baker MA, RN-BC, FCN, HMA Member

I have been a Parish Nurse since 2010 for a small Presbyterian church in downtown Watsonville, CA, a city with a primarily Hispanic population. Our town is located about 10 miles south of Santa Cruz, CA and south of San Francisco by 60 miles.  Our rich agricultural community provides most of the work for this ethnic group.

The CDC in Atlanta and the National Association for Hispanic Health did past studies that clearly showed three areas in the U.S. with high concentrations of adult Hispanics dealing with unmanaged diabetes. Watsonville, CA, along with a city in New Mexico, and another in Arizona were targeted with the goal of providing diabetic education to these clients by specially trained persons in the community.  Nurses and other health-related individuals in the community were asked to form a coalition with the goal of meeting the needs of our local Hispanic adults who needed to improve their diabetes management.

A professional coalition expert was sent to help us get started and approximately 25 persons were trained by the Scripps Whittier Diabetic Institute’s “Project Dulces” from La Jolla, CA. They brought their three day class to Watsonville, where we were oriented to the Diabetics Teaching Manual and their program for training others about diabetes. A community clinic known as Salud Para La Gente was chosen by the CDC to manage the program locally on a limited budget.

Last year we actually started our first series of free classes targeting bilingual Hispanic adults who met for two hour classes for 12 weeks. I offered my church library for the class, and I was assisted by another two of the specially trained instructors. Advertising the class was difficult because of budget constraints, getting information out to providers and in general, hoping someone would attend. Our first class was attended regularly by about four or five persons. The next class was for Spanish speaking adults, which was successful, and the next bilingual series of classes attracted about ten people.

Recently, we were officially visited by Paul Baker, the head of the National Association for Hispanic Health.  Ours was the first site visit he made for this program, and he was very pleased. We have finished another 12 week Spanish-speaking class and began another one in February. Built into this program is a financial incentive of a $25 gift card which has helped in its success. The first card is given to every attendee who has come to the first successive five weeks of classes and then another $25 card is given to an attendee once they complete the class. Healthy snacks are also provided. Many students are repeat attendees from previous trainings we’ve done and they support each other and have met with much success. The classes are free with no insurance or proof of citizenship required.

Last year four of our health ministry team members attended the HMA conference in Lake Tahoe in June.   We had never been to a conference where we shared so much and also gained a lot of enthusiasm for our program.   At that time we also connected to others who suggested we share our story via HMA (hence this article).  Our team appreciates the work of HMA and we hope to attend the 2014 conference in Maryland.

As the FCN my hours for attending the monthly coalition meetings are part of my paid outreach. I only have a 15hr/week position, so the hours I teach and prep for classes is mostly voluntary. I’m very proud to be associated as an FCN working with this group in my church. My job description also includes a few hours a month providing a 2 hour group for a nearby assisted living facility. Our health ministry team also assists in the church with CPR, AED Trainings, Health Fairs, and our “Show and Tell” events.
Our church membership is primarily composed of Caucasian seniors aged 70 and over who have had very interesting, creative lives. We decided to have a yearly “Show and Tell” event, inviting seniors to show something they’ve created, collected, made, etc. from quilts to wood working, to collections etc.  This is held on a Sunday after the service.  Once they bring in their items, and set them up they can show them off and even sell them if desired.  This really helps to provide them with recognition, boosts their egos, but also helps them get a bit of money for the item too!

I will be receiving my FCN Basic Training in early May, and I’m so proud to be part of the Health Ministry and serve in this capacity in the 57th year of my nursing career. I feel like this is what I was called to do at this time in my life.

How the energy of one FCN helps an entire community address a critical need - A True Ministry of Collaboration, Nancy L . Rago Durbin, MS, RN, FCN, HMA Director for Faith Community Nursing

Community Free Dental Clinic of Huntsville/ Madison County---A Dream Come True
Eugenia W. Graves RN, BS ,FCN, HMA Member
First Baptist Church Huntsville, Alabama

In 2011, I had the opportunity to attend a year long Leadership Social Services Class sponsored by United Way of Huntsville/Madison County. We discussed provisions to meet the many needs of our city and county. I and others felt one of the most pressing concerns to be dental care for the adult poor. In the class, I found a group of like-minded, concerned individuals. We discovered that Huntsville Hospital reported 1164 cases of acute dental problems in the ER, Crestwood Hospital reported 420, and the Community Free Clinic reported approximately 20-30 cases every 6 months. The class encouraged me to take the steps necessary to develop a free dental clinic, something that I had wanted to do since graduation from the Samford University Faith Community Nurse class of 2000.

In February of 2012, Dr Jimmy Wall, a semi-retired dentist in my congregation at First Baptist Church Huntsville, (who knew my passion to see dental care for the poor made available) introduced me to a retired Air Force Colonel, Bryan Bennett, with the same desire. We started talking to dentists and social program directors like Gayla Kidd of the Huntsville Assistance Program, David Spillers CEO of Huntsville Hospital, and many others. A committee was formed and a power point presentation was given to the local chapter of the Huntsville Dental Society. The dentists were very affirming and we were encouraged to keep developing our ideas.

Our plan was to remove any barriers that would prevent volunteer dental services. We asked dentists to donate one day a year or some office time. Volunteer dentists could donate a designated time once a week/month or notify us if an opening was available in their office. Amber Mcelory, a dental hygienist, recruited hygienists and I recruited nurses to volunteer. The Senior Center agreed to provide receptionists for the front office. We asked Ginger Finzel who had worked with the dental society for years to be the director of the clinic. She is known and respected by local dentists. A dental supply company volunteered to donate gently used equipment to furnish three rooms (chairs, lights, etc.) and install equipment for free.  Previously a dental office, a convenient location was identified that also was on the shuttle route. The owner of the building completely renovated with fresh paint, new counter-tops, flooring, and bathrooms at his own expense and even lowered the rent. All of the necessary plumbing and lines were already in place. The Community Free Clinic  allowed us to operate under their 501 (C) 3 umbrella until we could get organized and apply for our own non-profit status.  Are you seeing a trend here?  We call it “A GOD THING”!

We decided that we would work by appointment only with registration and triage done on two afternoons per week by local dentists. The work would be done late afternoon after dentist offices closed.  This would make it easier for dentists to give us some time and patients would not have to take time off from their job. We developed a short medical history and medication form for nurses to use at the time of registration. The history would be reviewed by the nurses and vital signs taken the day of triage and the day of their appointment.

Our city is fortunate to have a strong sense of civic responsibility and leadership that resides in our community. The Director of the Community Free Clinic, Shotsie Platt, also a member of our committee, called one day to say that a $10,000 donation had been made for the dental clinic by someone that had heard by word of mouth of its development. Churches have also had fundraisers for the clinic, all without any advertising regarding the initiation of the free clinic.  A dental lab offered to do a grand opening celebration to introduce the clinic to the community in May.

It has been a wild ride in the last several months as the dental clinic has taken shape. One person’s dream took on a life of its own. We opened The Community Free Dental Clinic of Huntsville and Madison County on March 5, 2013. During the first two weeks of operation (March 5-14), the CFDC  saw 59 patients, extracted or surgically extracted more that 30 diseased teeth, sent a medically compromised patient to the ER(BP 200/120), referred four patients to other local volunteer dentists and oral surgeons, and took panoramic X-rays or other X-ray views of each patient. There is no doubt that the CFDC is a critically needed organization created by passionate and compassionate friends and neighbors in Huntsville/Madison County.
2014 Conference Update

Second Keynote Announced: Ms. Barbara T. Baylor, MPH, CHES

Ms. Baylor has served the national offices of The United Church of Christ for nine years as the Minister for Health Care Justice Programs, Justice and Witness Ministries (JWM).  She assists the United Church of Christ in all its settings to understand health in a holistic way, and to encourage an understanding of health as an issue of social and economic justice.  In collaboration with other health-related UCC and national organizations, Ms. Baylor plans, coordinates strategies and activities, develops resources, and recommends public policy positions for the UCC on health, health care, and wellness issues.

Formerly, Ms. Baylor was employed as the Director of Health Education and the Minority Health Program Manager at the Wake County Dept. of Health, Raleigh, NC., and as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Health Education at North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.  She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Ms. Baylor has over 20 years’ experience working in public health with many diverse groups, including the faith community, to develop leadership and empowerment programs that focus on health promotion, disease prevention and the reduction of health disparities.

Since coming to work for the United Church of Christ, Ms. Baylor has had opportunities to travel internationally to Ghana, West Africa, Southern Africa and the Marshall Islands to learn and better understand the justice role of the faith community in advocating for national and global systemic changes that will insure quality, accessible and affordable health care for all.  Ms. Baylor dares to Imagine - Another World Is Possible.


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Pre-Conferences: All-day Monday, September 15th (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
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Call for HMA Annual Conference workshop abstracts: 
You are invited to submit an electronic proposal for presentation of an educational workshop at the HMA Annual Conference September 15-17, 2014.  The topic of the workshop must relate to the theme: Celebrating 25 Years of Health Ministry:Transforming Lives in Faith Communities and Beyond.  Go to the Workshop Proposal page to complete the submission form. Workshop submission deadline is April 30, 2014. 

Bookmark our Upcoming Conference Page to see updates as they happen.
ANCC Faith Community Nursing Certification Through Portfolio Program Update

To provide the most updated information on the development of the Faith Community Nursing Certification (RN-BC) through portfolio, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is issuing the following updates:
  • The Faith Community Nursing Content Expert Panel (CEP) met for the second time last  March 5-7, 2014. The CEP had a discussion of the results of the External Validation Survey. The election for the CEP Chair and Co-Chair also took place at this meeting.
  • The Appraisers have been considered for the Appraiser Training that is scheduled in July 2014.
  • ANCC has sent out a recruitment invite to all Content Expert Registry members (those who will not be serving as Appraisers) requesting  for additional documentation necessary in the selection of the Standard Setting Panel which will convene in August 2014.
  • ANCC will officially post additional information about the Faith Community Nursing Certification through portfolio on their website.

Announcing the 2013 Annual Report...

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2013 Annual Report for the Health Ministries Association, Inc.  This report reflects the excellent work that has occurred on behalf of all members of HMA in order to encourage, support and empower leaders in the integration of faith and health.  You can access this report here.  We welcome your comments.

New Membership Database and Payment System

We are excited to announce that we are ready to go live with our new upgraded database and payment system.  It is more robust and user friendly.  The new system will be updated the weekend of April 12-13 and available Monday, April 14th. As with any change, this system requires a few updates in how you will login.

YOUR NEW USERNAME: Your username will change to the first letter of your first name and then your last name, i.e. Michelle Randall user name will be mrandall.
YOUR NEW PASSWORD: Your password has been set to hma (this can and should be changed when you login once the new system is live).
* After April 13th, if you have trouble logging in, simply use the Retrieve Username & Password page and your username and a password will be emailed to you.
REVIEW YOUR PROFILE AND MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETE: After April 13th, log into your profile, check the information to make sure everything is up-to-date and complete.

We have created several help pages to assist you in navigating these membership features:
*Remember to Log In after April 13th to check your profile information and change your password to something more secure!
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  • Exemptions from the Health Insurance Marketplace Fee: Please see the two links below that discuss the exemptions from the Health Insurance Marketplace Fee. One version is for you to share with your networks and the other is for consumers you may be assisting.
  • HHS Funding Announcement: Family and Youth Services Bureau - Street Outreach Program.  The Street Outreach Program funds organizations that provide street-based services to runaway, homeless and street youth who have been subjected to, or are at risk of being subjected to, sexual abuse, prostitution or sexual exploitation. These services, which are provided in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to assist youth in making healthy choices and ultimately help them leave the streets.
    Deadline for applications: May 12, 2014.  See funding opportunity announcement.
  • National Nurses Week - Mark you calendars for May 6 - 12 to celebrate all the great work all nurses do!  Visit the ANA for more information.

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