A new series, a fun contest and learn how to make a proper cuppa.
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November 2013 Newsletter


Murder at Honeychurch HallThe first book in my brand new series “Murder at Honeychurch Hall” has a publication date at last!
Yes … I know it’s only November but May 13, 2014 will be upon us before we can blink.

Here is the new book cover. I just love it. Among the various animals who live on the Honeychurch Hall estate, is a little Jack Russell dog and it’s this little dog who is the star of my late-fall contest. I will be giving away three prizes!

A gorgeous Brown Betty Teapot
One Complete set of Vicky Hill Mysteries (USA edition)
An Amazon Gift Certificate for $15

Winners will be drawn from who guesses the dog’s name correctly.

To enter is very easy. Simply pick one of the five names below and email your answer to me with “Brown Betty” in the subject line. The correct names will be entered in a raffle and WINNERS WILL BE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL AND ANNOUNCED ON FACEBOOK ON MONDAY DECEMBER 2
The Jack Russell is called …Brown Betty teapot
1. Duke
2. Bandit
3. Mr. Chips
4. Max
5. Kippers

And what news about “Accused!” Vicky Hill’s fifth adventure? Well … I am waiting on a publishing date but I can tell you that the backdrop features the perilous world of worm charming, another Devon pursuit. What’s more, Vicky Hill has a new love interest with rather a peculiar hobby. Stand by for updates. In the meantime to get a touch of British life scroll down and find out how to make the proper cuppa the old-fashioned way!
Finally, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. As you know, England doesn’t celebrate this particular holiday, but I absolutely love it. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be truly thankful for all the blessings we have in our life.
Thank you all for supporting my books.

Good Things in England
Speaking of how to make a proper pot of tea. According to “Good Things in England by Florence White, this is how it should be done.
  1. Warm the teapot.
  2. Put in the tea (2 level teaspoons of loose tea = 1 breakfast cup 3 level teaspoons will make 2 breakfast cups)
  3. Pout on ½ pint freshly boiling water for each breakfast cup.
  4. Let it infuse for 3 minutes.
  5. Pour off the tea into another well-warmed pot and cover it with a tea cozy.
Tips: In this way the tea does not stand on the leaves and is free from tannin. Some people do not let it stand for 3 minutes, but pour it straight off without troubling to put it into a second pot. A tea cozy should never be placed on a teapot containing hot water and tealeaves. After the first brew of tea has been poured out, more hot water may be put on the leaves and poured off again as stated in direction 3.
Honestly … who has that kind of time these days? But I tried it and it was delicious.
I’m taking orders for the British Farmer Calendar 2014. Email me if you’d like one. Including postage and packing (I buy them in the UK) the price is $15.
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