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Newsletter #10

Welcome to this month's edition of the newsletter! In between releases of the quarterly journal, we share cool stuff we've seen around. If you'd like to see past editions, click here. Our Spring issue (No. 72) is now available! You can buy a single  digital issue, or even subscribe to the magazine. The print copies of Issue 72 are sold out, but let us know if you would be interested in a copy and we might be able to print a second run!

Straw Bale Construction: The Ultra-Ecological House

This article is a great recap of the natural building revival and some strong points to convert the doubters. Among other gems, this piece features a fun quote from legend David Eisenberg about when early straw bale wall workshops would finish up, "Every time, I was astounded. People would be brought to tears. I’d walk away thinking, 'What is this? This is [just] a wall system.'"
Rammed Earth Arts Center Uses Site Soil
Carrying the theme on from last month, here's yet another modern compelling rammed earth structure that uses the excavated site soils. This lovely complex of galleries, workshops, and support spaces is also threaded with shaded patios and pergola-covered balconies. Check out the building plans and wall sections and let us know if you would have detailed the walls differently!
Video Series: Straw Bale Fundamentals
These are the first few videos in a series about the fundamentals of building with straw bales, presented by the California Straw Building Association. If you want an intro or a fun refresher watch these and stay tuned to their YouTube channel for more videos.
The Palletable Cobin: Natural, Quick, and Affordable Pallet Structures
The easily-replicable “Cobin” prototype discussed in this article seems ready to spread to other urban areas. We’re eager to see this broader type of project to reclaim the city expand to other places currently resisting gentrification. This piece is from our most recent quarterly journal issue, No. 72.
Check out the latest issue of The Last Straw Journal, No. 72!
Our Spring issue is here!  In this issue you will build a cob community, eat wild blackberries, get bit by the straw bale bug, rekindle a movement, and much more!
We hope The Last Straw can be a platform to share and explore ideas of a better world through the lens of building methods and materials. Join us as we bring a critical perspective to conventional practice, imagine alternatives, and connect designers, builders, and dreamers. Let us know what you think and if you're working on something you think we should share!

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