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Newsletter #3

Here we are with some more stuff we think you'd be into. As usual, we hope The Last Straw can be a platform to share and explore ideas of a better world through the lens of building methods and materials. Join us as we bring a critical perspective to conventional practice, imagine alternatives, and connect designers, builders, and dreamers. Let us know what you think and if you're working on something you think we should share!

The Strawtegi CO2ttage
Urban straw buildings are going up in the US! This Net Zero Carbon ADU with chopped straw panels is underway in Salt Lake City. We'll be featuring this project in our upcoming issue, but check out this website for a preview.

Raised From Earth (short video)

This brief video profiles the Steen family's famous Canelo Project, a beautiful place where countless people have been inspired to build with earthen materials. We love the background that Athena Steen offers and seeing the family in action.
Why These West African Architects are Choosing Mud Over Concrete
This article describes how architects, like Francis Kéré, are working against the perceptions that mud buildings are for poorer people. Through an emphasis on details, these mud buildings can endure more frequent and heavier climate change-induced storms. And in the end, people remember the unique comfort of natural materials.
Straw-Inspiring: Houses Made of the Humble Bale
Here's some more mainstream attention for natural building! This article features a good roundup of convincing facts and sleek images for your friends and family who think all straw buildings have to look like they're from a  fairy tale (we love both aesthetics though).
A few of you have asked who we are. We are Zoe, Kenny, Gavin and Alex, the current editorial collective of The Last Straw Journal. We're a group of friends who met in architecture school at the Rural Studio, and while trying to become subscribers to The Last Straw we became the editors. We're looking forward to getting our hands dirty...

Let us know if you hear of cool projects, interesting news, or if you're up to something we should share!

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The Last Straw Journal
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