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ABE Alumni E-News | Winter Edition | January 31, 2017
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ABE faculty and staff featured in new STORIES magazine issue on 'High Technology'

Facilities, faculty and staff bring Ag and Biosystems Engineering to #1 (featuring Dr. Steve Mickelson, Dr. Brian Steward, Dr. Michelle Soupir, and Dr. Manure); 
Birds-eye view of agriculture (featuring Dr. Matt Darr and Ryan Bergman);
Creating new worlds to study plant life (featuring Dr. Lie Tang);
Conservation rising to new heights (featuring AST senior, Rachel Lenz and AST adviser, Jenny Macken);
Welding industry tech to student opportunities (featuring Dr. David Grewell and Jake Behrens);
Monitoring animal health (featuring Dr. Hongwei Xin and Dr. Lie Tang);
Soil to space (featuring Dr. Amy Kaleita)

CALS Medallion

Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Wendy Wintersteen and CALS administration presented the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering with a medallion to commemorate the department's achievement of becoming the #1 undergraduate program in the nation (according to U.S. News and World Report). The college also pledged a scholarship fund to use towards undergraduate studies.

Video: Flume installation

The basement of the biorenewables complex is home to cutting-edge equipment, including a brand new hydraulic flume in the Buss Hydrology Lab. Researchers can program flow at various rates to simulate anything from sheet flow on a parking lot to high flow conditions in a stream.

“The flume brings unique control to the study of water flow we are not able to achieve in the field,” says associate professor Michelle Soupir. “There are many ongoing discussions with faculty across campus about using the flume for research projects. We are also planning laboratory exercises for some of the upper level ABE environmental courses. I expect that we will also have graduate students work on the flume extensively for research projects,” says Soupir.

Video edited by Jared Calvert
Class Highlights: TSM 116 - Windmill Lab

Senior Capstone - Poster presentations

Making an impact - ABE research and extension highlights

COI: Daniel Andersen
Award Amount: $50,000
Title: Higher-value chemicals with "drop-in" biofuels from animal manure

COI: Carl Bern
Award Amount: $35,180
Title: Malawi Nyaika post harvest

PI: Shweta Chopra
COI: Charlie Hurburgh
COI: Gretchen Mosher
Award Amount: $40,000
Title: Facilitating information transfer in bulk grain to food or feed supply chains

COI: Matt Darr
Award Amount: $400,000
Title: Field test verification of crop sensor innovations, phase 4

PI: Adina Howe
Award Amount: $22,467
Title: A short course in computational, statistical analyses, and interpretation of microbial metagenome data

Historic bench installation

Class Highlights: TSM/ABE 325 - Biorenewable Systems, Guest lecture by Bill Northey

ABE Alumni in the news More ABE news
  • To apply data-driven science to crop science, it is necessary to capture large amounts of data about how crop plants grow. ISU researchers including Lie Tang, agricultural and biosystems engineering, are developing PhenoNet, an integrated network of autonomous plant-measuring robots for field-based studies of genotype and environment interactions.
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