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Update Successful: New features added this weekend


After our short service interruption on Sunday morning, you will notice a new look in some places on the EHR Tutor website, especially on the Courses page which lists activities for students. More importantly, the software has been upgraded to allow us to more easily add useful new features, like the ones listed below that have now been implemented. 

Instructions to Students- Activity instructions that you enter for your students will now stay at the top of every page of the patient chart so that students will not need to leave the page to review your instructions. Students will be able to Show/Hide instructions and "grab" the bottom of the instruction box to drag it to a larger or smaller size. 
Activity End Dates- You now have the option to set activities to, "Do not allow student charting after due date." If this setting is checked, students cannot open the chart after the Due Date. Instead, students will get the message, "This activity is past due and can not be edited any longer." Grades and comments remain visible to students, even after the Activity End Date. If it is not important to you to stop student charting for the activity at the end date, simply leave this setting unchecked.
Allergies Printout- Along with Barcodes, the printout now has a line for allergies that can be used to create an allergy wristband.
Medical Record Number Added & Date of Birth Removed from Printout- A Medical Record # is now included as an identifier for each patient as a part of patient information on the Barcode printout. The DOB is removed from the printout as an identifier for the patient. The reason that the DOB cannot used as a identifier with EHR Tutor is that the birth date must change(shift forward) when a student first opens the patient chart in order to keep the age the same as when the chart was created. This date shift is an important feature for an academic EHR which allows newborns to remain newborns, infants to remain infants, etc. 
Text Editors Added- Editors have been added to the text entry fields for Activity Instructions to Students, Orders Administration Instructions/Comments and Course Description. This will allow you to use bold, underline, lists, headings, add links, and other useful tools when entering your text. 

Thank you and keep your eyes open for additional updates in the coming weeks!

Diane Yeager and the Noggin Group team

Upcoming Webinar: Utilizing Outside Resources, Inside your EHR System

April 1, 2015 at 3:00pm ET

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This 20 minute webinar will discuss how you can utilize outside resources (videos, sound, etc.) from other websites or programs while working within your Electronic Health Records System to enhance the charting experience. Even when you're using a charting program, you can be pulling in the resources that you typically use without much additional work. Doing so creates a more dynamic experience both in the classroom and in the simulation lab.
Because this webinar is open to any instructors who are considering or currently using any Academic EHR System, we ask that you hold any questions about our system, EHR Tutor, until after the initial webinar presentation.
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