Week 14 (B) - More 'maters, summer veggies are in full swing and so are the flowers in Sugar House. Feels a lot like fall.
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Ignore what your weather apps are saying (we know it is going to be hot for a while), just walk outside early in the morning and you can feel it. Even in the middle of the afternoon you can smell it on the breeze. The first signs of fall are starting to show, and we are so excited. All the seasons are exciting around the farm. Winter brings rest, time for planning and contemplation, spring is a time to get back to work and get back outside, summer means long days and loads of rewards. But fall, ooh, fall is a loaded season. The excitement of the season winding down and putting gardens to bed for the winter, just as harvests are winding up. The thrill of a chill in the air (FINALLY!!!) keeps us going in the fields. The shorter days remind us that winter will be here, and we will be relaxing on couches reading seed catalogs soon enough. 
This week's harvest is what all this farming stuff is about. We've got some real bountiful bags for you this week, with a lovely selection of the best of summer veggies. We hope you love these shares as much as we do. The summer veggies are finally all here, but before we know it the fall veggies will be overtaking the summer veg and we will wonder where the summer went...

We will be at the Saturday Market again this week. Stop by and say "Wassup??" to Carly (and maybe Pam) in the morning or stop by in the afternoon to catch Andy's market debut... please try not to scare her. Also, we will definitely be at the Tuesday Market again this week with flowers and veggies. We will NOT be at the market next Saturday, so come by the Tuesday Market to load up on all your veggie needs for the holiday weekend. 

Pioneer Park - 350 West 300 South
8 am - 2 pm
We are on the north sidewalk, across from Caputos

The Gallivan Center - 239 South Main Street
4 pm - Dusk
Parking validations for Wells Fargo Building available at info booth

Happy Eating, 

Carly, Coleman, Andy... and all our fabu work-traders
Your B.U.G. Farmers
Currently obsessed with our corn field. It is getting nice and tall, the bees have been frantically pollinating, and we can hide from Andy... which is always fun! Can't wait to see these beautiful cobs of popcorn magic in their full glory in a couple short months. 
Also obsessing over the flowers coming out of our Sugar House pick up site, and our fall radishes and turnips that are just fabulous right now. Read the info block below to get info on our pick-your-own flower garden, or stop by the Tuesday Market and grab yourself a bunch!


Another bangerang week of shares is coming your way! The harvest is in full force and we are excited each week to see what you are getting. Bigger bags of 'maters, the return of herbs, cukes, zukes, eggplants, so much bounty. Hope you enjoy!

HEIRLOOM 'MATERS - TOMATOES - There are a million things to do with tomatoes, we all have our favorite. This first harvest might be a little to precious for cooking or sauce making, it would be perfect for bruschetta or a tomato sandwich. For easy bruschetta: toast slices of your favorite local baguette, rub with a clove of garlic cut in half, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, OPTIONAL: add a slice/schmear of mozzarella (or housemade burrata from Caputo's), then top with tomatoes chopped into chunks mixed with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste, garnish with a leaf of basil, and yum!

CUCUMBERS - Cucumbers: Ahh, refreshing, cool cucumbers! We are happy to finally be adding these to our summer CSA line-up. We have slicers Persian, Munchers, Armenian and Lemon cucumbers. Easy to eat these lil' fellas fresh on top of a green salad, dipped in humus, or for delicious, refreshing crunch on any sandwich.

CILANTRO - This is a wonderful cooling herb for the warmer weather, and pairs so very nicely with many of the greens you will get in your share too. To prepare, you can either use the leaves only, or just chop up the whole bunch stems and all. Cilantro is best used fresh, so add it to your hot dishes at the very end just before serving.


FRESH DILL - This is a wonderful spring herb, and it would go very nicely chopped into a salad for extra flavor. You can also make a lovely dill pesto using sunflower seeds, olive/canola oil, garlic/green onions, lemon/lime juice, and of course the dill! It would be wonderful in a pureed soup with your turnips and turnip greens, or just tossed and roasted with your turnips, or use it to flavor a batch of your radish dill pickles.
JALAPENOS - The first of our hot peppers! So exciting. These little fellas are easily recognized, and are the workhorse, the go-to, the popular kid of the pepper world. Throw your jalapeno into the mix with your fresh garden salsa, dare your friend to eat the whole thing, make some spicy fajitas, do something to celebrate the heat of summer with a hot pepper.

SHISHITO PEPPERS - These thin skinned, mild peppers are the perfect side dish to any meal. Best when pan fried in a small amount of oil in a hot pan, and sprinkled with salt. They have a great flavor, and are an easy snack. Beware - one in every ten can be hot, which makes for a fun game around the table. 

BUNCHING GREENS - This week we have bunches of Blue Vates, Lacinato, Red Olympic Kale or Collards in your shares. Each CSA Share will have one bunch of these greens. Kale and Chard are both considered to be some of the most nutrient dense foods, we are proud that they are a CSA staple! Here is a web article listing the Top 10 Health Benefits of Kale to make you feel even better about eating this green. It is very versatile, wonderful enjoyed both raw and cooked. Here is a good article from about 10 Ways To Prepare Kale for more cooking ideas and video cooking tutorials. These bunched greens are best stored in a plastic bag, or upright in a glass of water in the fridge with the stem end down like a bouquet. Chard is similarly versatile. Use it as a braising green, throw it in your frittatas or at the end of cooking your scrambled eggs for an vitamin boost. Use it as a substitute in recipes that call for beetgreens or to jazz up a recipe that normally calls for spinach. Or, you can use any of these in your morning juices and smoothies. Mix it up! 

BASIL - Among our most favorite of aromatic herbs, this square-stemmed member of the mint family is quite nice eaten raw with sliced tomatoes on toasted bread with butter, or used in soups. Wonderful paired with either cooked soup-beans, or raw with fresh green (or purple) beans. Turn into pesto by adding olive oil, parmesan (optional), salt and pepper, and pinenuts (or walnuts or sunflower seeds as more reasonably priced options). Or, just shower your face with the leaves and soak in the divine fragrance.

PURPLE VIKING POTATOES - A relatively late addition to the varietal realms of this Peruvian-rooted tuber has finally been unearthed from the backyard farmy fields to make its way into your culinary field! Its waxy moist flesh and sweet flavor make it ideal for boiling, baking and frying but these golden orbs will also withstand grilling, pan frying, and roasting. Be sure to store them in a dark cool (not cold) environment for maximum starchy awesomeness.

SUMMER SQUASH - Another lovely and versatile summer veggie, zucchini can be added to a multitude of dishes. The larger ones are useful grated and added to stirfry's or made into a sweet or savory baked good. Zucchini Fritters are also a tasty cooking idea. Grill your zucchinis, cook them in hot oil in a pan until a little past golden, or mix them into your favorite veggie lasagna. We even shred them with carrots, turnips, beets, and hardy greens for a quick and easy salad/slaw. 

MICROGREENS - You are getting a pretty fat sack of microz this week, and you might be wondering what to do with all of these yummy greens. Try this link if you are stumped for some delicious suggestions. Or, if you are more into simplicity, try eating them the way we do on the farm - by the handful. These little babies are packed full of nutrients, and have a fresh, slightly spicy kick. They are wonderful as a topping on any dish, I especially like them on top of a scrambled egg/omelet or on a stew. They also blend in well into a smoothie, and that hides their spiciness if that's not as much to your liking. These are best eaten raw, and also mix in wonderfully with a fresh salad. 

BULBING ONION MIX - This is a mixed bunch of the six varieties of onions that we grew this year—Candy, Red Candy Apple and Super Star varieties. Each variety is lovely raw or cooked, caramelized, roasted, pickled or eaten like an apple. You choose. Whatever variety you get in your CSA this week, you won't be disappointed!

BEANS - The first real harvest of this wonderful summer crop, versatile, easy to prepare, and loved by most folks! You can eat these raw, "cooking" them by tossing them with some lemon juice or vinegar for a raw green bean salad, or sautee with your favorite nuts, dried fruit, and garlic. 

Peaches are finally here! And, if you have done our fruit share in years past, you know they will be here for a while. 

JULY FLAME - We are pretty excited about peach season. Who isn't?! We have a fresh variety of peaches this week. July Flame peaches are at the end of their season, but these are still firm and delicious. Leave your peaches on the counter for a couple days to allow them to fully ripen in just a couple days. This is a freestone variety, making it perfect for baking and canning, and with it's sweet flavor will be a quick favorite in your home. 
Our experimental flower garden is finally starting to produce some lovely little flowers, and they need picking. We definitely don't have enough for everyone, but we would love to share the bounty we do have with our members. Any CSA member can stop by our Sugar House pick up site on pick up day this week, and pick your own small bouquet. Read below for details.

This Thursday from 4 pm - 6 pm
Sugar House Pick-up Site
1998 South Windsor Street

It will be first come first serve, and we expect to run out of flowers to pick. So, come early or you could be disappointed.

Carly will be there to walk you through what and how to pick.

Bring your own jar or water vessel and your own pruners/scissors if you can. 

*** You will still have to pick up your CSA Shares at your normal pick up site, come only to pick flowers ***

HALF SHARE HOLDERS: Remember you will get a CSA Share every other week based on your pick up or delivery location. 

  • SUGAR HOUSE - 1998 South Windsor Street
  • B.U.G. FARMS HEADQUARTERS - 1364 South Cheyenne Street
  • U OF U: BRIGHT HORIZONS - 418 Wakara Way, #100
DELIVERY SHARE HOLDERS: Please remember to leave out a cooler with an icepack for your shares. This will help them stay fresh until you get to them. We will be delivering from 9 am - 3 pm, so please have the coolers ready for us by then. 
Nutrition and wellness goddess Anne Dorsey of Milk and Honey Wellness has brought us another amazing recipe this week. Anne has a great recipe using collard greens on the blog this week. Try it with the collards in your shares this week, or substitute another type of bunching green to mix it up. 

There have been some great recipes on Anne's blog lately. We hope that you all are taking advantage of this great resource. Some recent favorites are carrot top pesto, zoodles (zucchini noodle) with marinara, and a carrot mule cocktail. Don't forget each week you can visit this link to Anne's Blog for a new recipe using fresh, seasonal veggies that will be in your CSA shares, available at the farmers market, or that you are harvesting from your own gardens. 

Anne's Recipes
Y'all we are so excited about our new, reusable, insulated B.U.G. Farm tote bags. But, we will need your help to make the system work. We have two totes for all our CSA members. Each week we will have your share packed and ready in a tote bag. This week and next week (for Week A Half Shares) you will receive your first tote bag, when you pick up (or your share is delivered) your next packed and ready share you need to bring the first bag back. If you don't we will have to unpack your share and put it into a plastic bag - please don't make us do it. Just bring them back every week, keep 'em in your car so you don't forget, or put them right back in your cooler if you are a delivery share. We don't want to be the jerks, but will if we have to.

Remember to bring back those orange rubber bands too! We can reuse them if you haven't found a million uses for them yet... 
We are so excited about Instagram lately, we think it is a super neato way to share information and interests. And, we know you love it as much as we do. So, we are going to host a contest. We want to see what B.U.G. Farms looks like at your house. Whether it is a picture of your share fresh from pick up, a bunch of radishes, your B.U.G. vegetables all cooked up, or maybe one of your favorite Add On Shares of the week - it doesn't matter. Hashtag #bugfarmscsa and you will be entered into our contest. At the end of the season we will have our members vote on our top ten favorite member photos, and the winner will receive a half veggie share for the 2017 season! You can't beat that!
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