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Harmony Students Impress with Advanced STEM Research Projects at H-SEF


On March 6-7, 2015, the first Harmony Science & Engineering Fair (H-SEF) was held at HPS central office gymnasium and multi-purpose hall in Houston, TX. We had 91 students and 74 projects representing Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana at the event. H-SEF received around 600 project submissions and only invited top 75 among them. Majority of the invited projects were already award winners in their respective regional science fairs and many have been qualified to compete at the TX state science fair in San Antonio in late March. From the senior (high school) division, a number of projects and finalists have been advanced to the international science fairs with H-SEF affiliations as follows:

  • 1 project to JSSE (Joint School Science Exhibit) in Hong Kong
  • 1 project to INESPO (International Environmental Science Project Olympiad) in Nehterlands
  • 2 projects to MOSTRATEC in Brazil
  • 7 projects to I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project) Olympiad in Houston, TX USA

Gold Medal Winners in Senior Division:

Farhan Mohiuddin & Hina Mohiuddin HSS-Sugar Land High
Sueda Cetinkaya HS-Advancement
Wyatt Nunn HSA-Bryan
Ertugrul Oksuz & Imam Widodo HSPS-Austin

These four projects have been chosen as "Best of Fair" and advanced to international science fairs. Teams from Sugar Land and Austin will represent Harmony at MOSTRATEC next fall in Brazil, while Sueda from Houston will represent Harmony at INESPO this summer in The Netherlands. In addition, Wyatt, Sueda, Farhan & Hina have all qualified as finalists for I-SWEEEP 2015. Congratulations!

Gold Medal Winners in Junior Division:
Shawn McAnalley HSA-Grand Prairie
Meghana Bollimpalli LISA
Jorge Valdivia, Luis Morales, Renan Santos HSA-Laredo
Jennifer Zhang LISA West
Anusha Bhattacharyya LISA
Ruhani Ahluwalia HSI-Ft. Worth
Emre Uzundere HSA-San Antonio
Virgil Nunn HSA-Bryan

Shawn and Meghana were also chosen as "Best of Fair" in Junior Division with their innovative projects. 

Silver Medal Winners in Senior Division:
Tiffany Phu & Neha Rabbani  HSA-Houston High
Farris Adra & Ali Hammad HSPS-Austin
Mariam Hammad HSPS-Austin
Jeshrine Mazhil LISA West
Allen Ha HSS-Sugar Land High

These five projects have also advanced to international fairs. Farris and Ali will represent Harmony at JSSE this summer in Hong Kong, while the other four projects are chosen for I-SWEEEP. Tiffany, Neha, Mariam, Jeshrine, and Allen are all finalists for I-SWEEEP 2015.

Silver Medal Winners in Junior Division:
Quan Le HSI-Carrollton
Saanika Halapeti HSA-West Houston
Karma Desai HSS-Austin
Vani Jain HSS-Sugar Land High
Arnold Langat HSA-Euless
Hiba Khan HSA-Euless
Arushi Harkawat HSS-Austin
James Porter & Cuauhtemoc Vidal HSA-Laredo
Ladd Barrett HSI-Ft. Worth
Angelina Patton Kenilworth

Bronze Medal Winners in Senior Division:
Manuel Gomez HSA-Houston High
Quockhang Truong & Selim Uzgoren HSS-Sugar Land High
Sergio Garcia & Fares Gebremichael HSA-Dallas
Bryan Molina & Tarik Bajramovic  HSA-Dallas
Ahmed Hussain HSA-Houston High
Ariel Urbina-Maravilla HSA-Houston High

Bronze Medal Winners in Junior Division:
Jesus Varela HSA-Laredo
Monica Deras Kenilworth
Kinda Abou-Hamdan HSS-Austin
Thomas Robledo HSA-San Antonio
Hiruni Dissanayake HSS-Austin
Riley Clark HS-Business
Abdul-Hadi Diwan HS-Business
Anosha Dhakwala HSI-Houston
Harveen Kaur HSP-Austin
Sanjana Padala LISA West
Michael Clark, Jr HSI-Ft. Worth
Prathamesh Shenoy HS-Business
Dhruv Modi LISA West
Julia Rodriguez Kenilworth
Christo Nedev HSA-Laredo
Sanaa Abid LISA West

Honorable Mention in Senior Division:
Eric Moreno & Barok Tollosa HSA-Dallas
Leandro Falcon & Adelle May Langcauon HSA-Laredo
Esra Yuksel HSS-Sugar Land High
Saida Vera & Matteo Macias HSPS-Austin
Maximiliano Torrescano HSA-Dallas
David Blanc HSA-Houston High

Honorable Mention in Junior Division:
Haadi Farooqui HSS-Sugar Land High
Jude Dino HSI-Ft. Worth
Zoe Patton Kenilworth
Minh Le HSI-Carrollton
Andrew Knott Kenilworth
Lydia Lewis HS-Business
Alyssa-Skye Moreno HSI-Ft. Worth
Mohammed Zakir HS-Discovery
Julianna Cannon HSA-Grand Prairie
Reza E Rabbi Tahmid HSA-Beaumont
Timothy Clark HSA-Lubbock
Ceyda Tunca HSI-Garland
Andrew Amezcua HSA-Laredo
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