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The Road Ahead
Everyone has jumped in to bring me up to date on the projects. We have gone over many things, including how to provide better and faster products to you.
We’ll start by listing the open projects at the end of this newsletter and where each of them stands. This should help keep you up to date on them. The second thing we want to do is provide better and quicker service. To this end we have acquired our own printing company. We have just about everything moved, set up, and ready to go. With that said, let me move on . . .

Red Ball Xpress Printing Services
Let me introduce you to Red Ball Xpress printing services. We plan on doing most, if not all, of our printing in house. Red Ball Xpress’s first project was printing our Line of Fire magazines. Available starting today, every issue of Line of Fire (#1 through #14) are now available as a printed magazine, in full color, with printed maps (where applicable) and counters. Issues 1 through 6 will have printed counters supplied on nice, glossy cardstock, and you will need to cut and paste the counters together, but otherwise everything is ready to go, and everything is in glorious color.
The World at War Compendium, now titled the World at War Compendium Volume 1, is now in full color, complete with maps and die-cut counters.


We will have more news on Red Ball Xpress and our plans going forward in the near future.  

World at War Compendium Volume 2 Available in July
The World at War Compendium Volume 2 will soon be ready. Based on the Line of Fire material from issues 8 through 13, this full-color iteration of the Compendium includes a tankful of scenarios (31 in all), the continued history of World War III as it happened, and much more. Specifically, the World at War Compendium Volume 2 consists of 130 counters, such as US Marines, an expanded Team Charlie, Soviet 3rd Tank, and Chinese and Vietnamese forces. Additionally, there are 21 new counters for the Luxembourg forces in the minty fresh five-scenario modulette Ardennes Again, a new 11"x17" map, after-action reports, and Jeff Schulte’s HQ variant. So let me turn over the microphone to Jeff Lewis.

Line of Fire 15 Available for Pre-Order
Line of Fire #15 is ready to be printed. This issue features an expansion module for Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Gap titled The Bear & The Jackal, which depicts nine fierce firefights from the Soviet/Afghan War. The module includes new counters for the Mujahideen and some new Soviet units, plus two new 9.5”x16.5” geomorphic maps of rugged Afghan terrain.


The issue also includes articles on the history and tactics of the war, a preview of Falling Stars, battle reports for A Ring of Hills and Baltic Fury, three Nations at War scenarios, and six World at War scenarios—two of which utilize a new American Recon Formation that boasts M113 ACAVs. And much more!!

Heroes of the Mediterranean: Mare Nostrum
The development of Heroes of the Mediterranean: Mare Nostrum is coming along. The counters and maps are in the capable hands of artists David Julian and Marc von Martial. The module will have 16 scenarios—and maybe a few more. But let’s cut to the chase: The Desert War featured lots of armored vehicles, and they are all stuffed into this game, with over 80 cardboard replicas of the behemoths, including Italian M13/40s, M11/40s, L6/40s, 47mm and 75mm self-propelled guns, AB.41 armored cars and L3/35 tankettes, as well as British Matilda IIs, Cruiser A10s, Valentines, Honeys, Grants, Shermans, Mark VI Bs, Crusader Is, IIs & IIIs, Bren Carriers and Marmon-Harrington Mk III armored cars.
German panzers include the Mark III and IV “Specials.” American Stuarts and French R-35s also get a roll out. From the air, the JU-87 B2 Stuka, Hurricane Mk II D, and Italian Picchiatello and CR.42 will cause tankers and soldiers alike to be wary. Intrepid soldiers from Britain and its Commonwealth nations, Italy, Germany, the United States, and the Free and Vichy French will battle it out, so put your goggles on: Sand, dust and shrapnel will be flying.


Heroes of the Pacific
The development of Heroes of the Pacific is coming along. This game is ready to go to print, with Player Aids, Skill Cards, Counters and Manual Layouts. Take a look at these!



We will use this section of our newsletter to keep you up to date on projects. These are not the only projects we are working on, and we will add new games here as we get closer to completing them and take games off as they are released.


This game is completed and ready to be printed. We expect to start printing it later this month.



Stalin's Triumph

Mark Walker and Sean Druelinger are working on the scenarios. We are looking at a late-summer printing.



Zombie War

This game is currently in late production and final playtesting. We are working on some map changes. We are looking at a late-summer printing.



Dawn's Early Light, Red Hammer

This game has been updated and is ready to be printed. We expect to start printing later this month.




Tank on Tank East Front

This game has a slight re-design by us because we are moving to bigger counters and maps. We are looking at a late-summer printing.  



Mare Nostrum: Jeff Lewis and Ralph Ferrari are pounding away at Mare Nostrum. David Julian is hard at work on the counter art. We expect the game art to be completed sometime at the end of the summer early fall.
Band of Heroes Normandy: Jeff Lewis is developing the new material for this game currently. We do not have a print schedule set yet.
Heroes of the Faith: Peter Abrams and Mark Walker are developing this game. It currently has no production schedule.
A Ring of Hills, Battle of the Falklands: Jeff Lewis will be developing the new material for this game. This game does not have a production schedule set yet.
Britain Stands Alone: This one didn’t make it and has been cancelled.
We are still also working on Hollow Cell and Falling Stars, and we will have more on these projects in our next newsletter.
That’s it for this month. Until July, throw them counters on the table, and keep rolling.

We Want You for Lock 'n Load

If you feel you have what it takes to make a map, counters, writers or anything else we are looking to talk with you.  We are always looking for more illustrators, layout artists and graphic designers. If you are familiar with the work we do, and want to send a sample, contact us here under freelancers here.
Think You Have Something Special

We love to see your game designs. Even if they are modules or variants to designs we've already published.  Keep in mind that we publish much more than strategy games, but all our games do include some form of conflict.
  1.               Query first with a email with what the game is about.
  2.               We will contact you with any questions we may have.
  3.               We do need you to have some type of prototype we can review.
We are looking for both board, computer and iOS designs.  If you have something you want to talk about please contact us here under submissions here.
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