Album #1 'Feathers' is ready for release!! But only with your help....
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'Feathers' Ready for release!!

September 21st 2016


Hello dear music-loving people!

THIS FLIGHT IS ABOUT TO TAKE OFF! a little private airplane carrying cargo of songs, love, wishes and me is taxi-ing towards lift-off and up there in the skies I shall be setting free MY VERY FIRST ALBUM …… ‘Feathers’ is coming out on the 21st of September and shall live amongst the clouds and the birds and the sun…..

I present to you...... Album #1 ;

I am so excited about introducing you to this musical child I have worked on for the last year and a half! In the next while leading up to the release I’d love to involve you in the process of getting it out there and tell you a bit more about how the album was recorded, what the songs are about, how the artwork was made and all other stories involved in the making of....
In order for me to release it I am in serious need of some help as I will have to sell a bunch of them before I’m actually able to press them up and pay for the Mixing and Mastering that has already been done amazingly by Coen Dingemans… And what better way than to fund something, and get the lovely folks that love the music involved, than go down the Crowd-funding road hand in hand with Pledge Music. This way we can be in direct contact during the process, I can send you video updates and Pledge Exclusive treats and feel more connected to those that matter most; you lot listening to the music!

There is a little hub here waiting for you to come and explore, and please do:

I have some wonderful treats in store for you such as signed CD’s, Handwritten Lyric Sheets, ‘Pledge Exclusive’ lyric books, Songwriting and Pilates lesson, VIP album launch tickets, Livingroom gigs, ‘Sound of Songs’ Amsterdam or London weekend experiences and other things, go have a look and I sincerely hope you want to support the Album by Pledging and sharing with everyone you think might want a piece of the pie too! I will be forever grateful!

As ever I cannot thank you enough for your support, for reading my blog-posts and emails, for listening to the music, for coming to gigs and for all the kind words and smiles that have come my way over the last couple of years of being out there musically. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

Much love and many smiles,


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