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September 2014

Total Chiropractic Newsletter

Are you sitting comfortably?

How Desk Posture Can Affect Your Back.

Sitting - We all do too much of it and if you are sitting like the guy on the left then you are more likely to experience back, neck and shoulder problems and headaches than if you sit like the guy on the right.


Well sitting for long periods of time tends to cause us to slouch into poor postures. Meaning our muscles and joints are forced to work in positions they are not designed to which can cause them to tighten and stiffen up. Over time this can lead to some of the problems I mention earlier.

How to avoid this?

Here is a checklist you can go through to help improve your desk posture;

1) Make sure you sit back in your chair so the chair supports your weight rather than your back muscles holding you up all day.

2) Have your chair angled so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees- this puts your low back in a more relaxed position

3) Make sure your feet are resting on the ground or on a footrest. Not hanging in the air or resting on the legs of your chair.

4) The position of your monitor is very important. It should be in front of you. Approximately 40-60 cm from you with the top of the monitor level with your eye line. If you are using a laptop it should be on a riser whilst you use a separate keyboard and mouse.

5) Desk height. This should be at a height so that when you bend  your arms  they fall comfortably at the keyboard. If the desk is too high or too low it can cause you to slump forwards or reach up which will then affect the rest of the positioning of your desk.

Finally and most importantly -

Take regular breaks.

Even if you have the best desk posture in the world it is essential that you get up and move every 20-30 minutes to help keep your muscles and joints relaxed and moving.

If you are having back, neck or shoulder problems  or headaches Chiropractic care could help you. If you would like to discuss your problem you can book a free 20 minute consultation* to see if Chiropractic Care could help you. 
*Please note, the free 20 minute consultation determines whether your problem is suitable for chiropractic care. No treatment will be given and you will need a new patient consultation before treatment can commence.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it. Next month we will focus on back pain during pregnancy.

Take care.

Rosie Piercy MChiro DC 
Total Chiropractor

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